How Do You Spell LICENSE?

Correct spelling for the English word "license" is [l_ˈaɪ_s_ə_n_s], [lˈa͡ɪsəns], [lˈa‍ɪsəns]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for LICENSE

Below is the list of 385 misspellings for the word "license".

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Plural form of LICENSE is LICENSES

Definition of LICENSE

  1. In the law of contracts. A permission, accorded by a competent authority, conferring the right to do some act which without such authorization would be illegal, or would be a trespass or a tort. State v. Hipp, 38 Ohio St. 220; Youngblood v. Sexton, 32 Mich. 406, 20 Am. Rep. 054; Hubman v. State, 61 Ark. 4S2. 33 S. W. 843; Chicago v. Collins, 175 111. 445. 51 N. E. 907, 49 L. R. A. 40S, 67 L. R. A. 224. Also the written evidence of such permission. In real property law. An authority to do a particular act or series of acts upon an- other's land without possessing any estate therein. Clifford v. O'Neill, 12 App. Div. 17, 42 X. Y. Supp. 607; Davis v. Townsend, 10 Barb. (X. Y.) 343; Morrill v. Mackman, 24 Mich. 282, 9 Am. Rep. 124; W.vnu v. Garland, 19 Ark. 23, 08 Am. Dec. 190; Cheever v. Pearson, 16 Pick. (Mass.) 266. Also the written evidence of authority so accorded. It is distinguished from an "easement." which implies an interest in the land to be affected, and a "lease," or right to take the prolits of land. It may be. however, and often, is. coupled with a grant of some interest iu the land itself, or right to take the profits. 1 Washb. Real Prop. *398. In pleading. A plea of justification to an action of trespass that the defendant was authorized by the owner of the freehold to commit the trespass complained of. In the law of patents. A written au- ?? thority granted by the owner of a patent to WI LICENSE 724 LICERK another person empowering the latter to make or use the patented article for a limited period or in a limited territory. In international law. Permission granted hy a belligerent state to its own subjects, or to the subjects of the enemy, to carry on a trade interdicted by war. Wheat. Int. Law, 447.

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Usage Examples for LICENSE

  1. " September is a long way off, but there is nothing like being before hand; I have put your name down for a license; and it is time you should have a good gun of your own; so I have ordered one for you from a man who has lately settled in the county. - "Tom Brown at Oxford" by Thomas Hughes
  2. The License of this Age and of the Press is so great, that no Rank or Quality of Men is free from the Insults of loose and extravagant Wits. - "A Discourse Concerning Ridicule and Irony in Writing (1729)" by Anthony Collins
  3. Suddenly, Penny's gaze riveted on the rear license plate of the smashed car. - "Ghost Beyond the Gate" by Mildred A. Wirt
  4. I had just got my drivers license and driving alone for the first time I didn't dare stop the car on the way home. - "The Biography of a Rabbit" by Roy Benson, Jr.

Conjugate verb License


I would licence
we would licence
you would licence
he/she/it would licence
they would licence


I would have licensed
you would have licensed
he/she/it would have licensed
we would have licensed
they would have licensed
I would have license
you would have license
he/she/it would have license
we would have license
they would have license


I would have been licensing
you would have been licensing
he/she/it would have been licensing
we would have been licensing
they would have been licensing


I would license
you would license
he/she/it would license
we would license
they would license


I would be licensing
you would be licensing
he/she/it would be licensing
we would be licensing
they would be licensing


I will license
you will license
he/she/it will license
we will license
they will license
I will licence
we will licence
you will licence
he/she/it will licence
they will licence


I will be licensing
you will be licensing
he/she/it will be licensing
we will be licensing
they will be licensing


I will have licensed
you will have licensed
he/she/it will have licensed
we will have licensed
they will have licensed
I will have licenced
we will have licenced
you will have licenced
he/she/it will have licenced
they will have licenced


I will have been licensing
you will have been licensing
he/she/it will have been licensing
we will have been licensing
they will have been licensing


you license
we let´s license


to license


I licenced
we licenced
you licenced
he/she/it licenced
they licenced


I was licensing
you were licensing
he/she/it was licensing
we were licensing
they were licensing




I had licensed
you had licensed
he/she/it had licensed
we had licensed
they had licensed
I had licenced
we had licenced
you had licenced
he/she/it had licenced
they had licenced


I had been licensing
you had been licensing
he/she/it had been licensing
we had been licensing
they had been licensing


I license
you license
he/she/it licenses
we license
they license
I licence
we licence
you licence
he/she/it licences
they licence


I am licensing
you are licensing
he/she/it is licensing
we are licensing
they are licensing




I have licensed
you have licensed
he/she/it has licensed
we have licensed
they have licensed
I have licenced
we have licenced
you have licenced
he/she/it has licenced
they have licenced


I have been licensing
you have been licensing
he/she/it has been licensing
we have been licensing
they have been licensing


he/she/it license


I licensed
you licensed
he/she/it licensed
we licensed
they licensed
I am licencing
we are licencing
you are licencing
he/she/it is licencing
they are licencing
I was licencing
we were licencing
you were licencing
he/she/it was licencing
they were licencing
I will be licencing
we will be licencing
you will be licencing
he/she/it will be licencing
they will be licencing
I have been licencing
we have been licencing
you have been licencing
he/she/it has been licencing
they have been licencing
I had been licencing
we had been licencing
you had been licencing
he/she/it had been licencing
they had been licencing
I will have been licencing
we will have been licencing
you will have been licencing
he/she/it will have been licencing
they will have been licencing
I would have licenced
we would have licenced
you would have licenced
he/she/it would have licenced
they would have licenced
I would be licencing
we would be licencing
you would be licencing
he/she/it would be licencing
they would be licencing
I would have been licencing
we would have been licencing
you would have been licencing
he/she/it would have been licencing
they would have been licencing