How Do You Spell LICK THE DUST?

The phrase "lick the dust" means to suffer a defeat or humiliation. Interestingly, the word "lick" is spelled with a silent K, and the /ɪ/ sound is followed by the letter C, which usually has the /k/ sound. On the other hand, the word "dust" is spelled phonetically with the expected /dʌst/ sound. This can be attributed to the historical development of the English language, where spelling and pronunciation have evolved differently over time.

Common Misspellings for LICK THE DUST

  • lick the duct
  • lick the duqt
  • lick the durt
  • lick the dus4
  • lick the dusd
  • lick the dusp
  • lick the dusv
  • lick the dusu
  • layeckthedust
  • lickthedust
  • leyeckthedust
  • l ick the dust
  • li ck the dust
  • lic k the dust
  • lick t he dust
  • lick th e dust
  • lick the d ust
  • lick the du st
  • lick the dus t
  • like the wi nd