How Do You Spell LISPS?

Correct spelling for the English word "lisps" is [l_ˈɪ_s_p_s], [lˈɪsps], [lˈɪsps]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for LISPS

Below is the list of 33 misspellings for the word "lisps".

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Anagrams of LISPS

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Usage Examples for LISPS

  1. He is a little Man with an innocent powdered upright head, he lisps with a protruded under lip- he has two Nieces, each one would weigh three of him- one for height and the other for breadth- he knew Bartolozzi. - "Letters of John Keats to His Family and Friends" by John Keats
  2. She is original and agreeable, though she lisps and drawls, till the spirit within her is roused. - "Ellen Middleton--A Tale" by Georgiana Fullerton

Conjugate verb Lisps


I would lisp
we would lisp
you would lisp
he/she/it would lisp
they would lisp


I will lisp
we will lisp
you will lisp
he/she/it will lisp
they will lisp


I will have lisped
we will have lisped
you will have lisped
he/she/it will have lisped
they will have lisped


I lisped
we lisped
you lisped
he/she/it lisped
they lisped


I had lisped
we had lisped
you had lisped
he/she/it had lisped
they had lisped


I lisp
we lisp
you lisp
he/she/it lisps
they lisp


I have lisped
we have lisped
you have lisped
he/she/it has lisped
they have lisped
I am lisping
we are lisping
you are lisping
he/she/it is lisping
they are lisping
I was lisping
we were lisping
you were lisping
he/she/it was lisping
they were lisping
I will be lisping
we will be lisping
you will be lisping
he/she/it will be lisping
they will be lisping
I have been lisping
we have been lisping
you have been lisping
he/she/it has been lisping
they have been lisping
I had been lisping
we had been lisping
you had been lisping
he/she/it had been lisping
they had been lisping
I will have been lisping
we will have been lisping
you will have been lisping
he/she/it will have been lisping
they will have been lisping
I would have lisped
we would have lisped
you would have lisped
he/she/it would have lisped
they would have lisped
I would be lisping
we would be lisping
you would be lisping
he/she/it would be lisping
they would be lisping
I would have been lisping
we would have been lisping
you would have been lisping
he/she/it would have been lisping
they would have been lisping