How Do You Spell LITTERS?

Correct spelling for the English word "litters" is [lˈɪtəz], [lˈɪtəz], [l_ˈɪ_t_ə_z] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for LITTERS

Below is the list of 119 misspellings for the word "litters".

Similar spelling words for LITTERS

32 words made out of letters LITTERS

5 letters

  • litre,
  • stilt,
  • relit,
  • riels,
  • tries,
  • tiles,
  • slier,
  • tiers,
  • titer,
  • tires,
  • resit,
  • tiler,
  • title,
  • stile,
  • riles,
  • titre,
  • tilts,
  • tetri,
  • islet,
  • rites,
  • liter,
  • trite.

6 letters

  • titles,
  • tilers,
  • sitter,
  • tilter,
  • littre,
  • litres,
  • litter,
  • lister,
  • liters.

7 letters

  • slitter.

Conjugate verb Litters


I would litter
we would litter
you would litter
he/she/it would litter
they would litter


I will litter
we will litter
you will litter
he/she/it will litter
they will litter


I will have littered
we will have littered
you will have littered
he/she/it will have littered
they will have littered


I littered
we littered
you littered
he/she/it littered
they littered


I had littered
we had littered
you had littered
he/she/it had littered
they had littered


I litter
we litter
you litter
he/she/it litters
they litter


I have littered
we have littered
you have littered
he/she/it has littered
they have littered
I am littering
we are littering
you are littering
he/she/it is littering
they are littering
I was littering
we were littering
you were littering
he/she/it was littering
they were littering
I will be littering
we will be littering
you will be littering
he/she/it will be littering
they will be littering
I have been littering
we have been littering
you have been littering
he/she/it has been littering
they have been littering
I had been littering
we had been littering
you had been littering
he/she/it had been littering
they had been littering
I will have been littering
we will have been littering
you will have been littering
he/she/it will have been littering
they will have been littering
I would have littered
we would have littered
you would have littered
he/she/it would have littered
they would have littered
I would be littering
we would be littering
you would be littering
he/she/it would be littering
they would be littering
I would have been littering
we would have been littering
you would have been littering
he/she/it would have been littering
they would have been littering


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