How Do You Spell LLYR?

Pronunciation: [lˈə] (IPA)

Correct spelling for the English word "llyr" is [lˈə], [lˈə], [l_ˈə] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

LLYR Meaning and Definition

Llyr is a word of Welsh origin that holds significance in Welsh mythology and literature. In Welsh mythology, Llyr is the god of the sea and one of the three primary Mabinogi deities, along with his son Manawydan and his daughter Branwen. Llyr is often associated with the vastness and power of the ocean, symbolizing its unpredictable nature and its ability to both sustain and destroy life. In Welsh literature, Llyr is frequently portrayed as a wise and noble figure, embodying the qualities of strength, resilience, and protection.

Outside of mythology and literature, Llyr is also used as a given name in Wales, reflecting its association with the sea and its mythical connotations. As a personal name, Llyr conveys a sense of connection to Welsh heritage and tradition, as well as the qualities attributed to the god in mythology.

In summary, Llyr is a Welsh term that represents a god of the sea in Welsh mythology, associated with power, wisdom, and protection. It has a rich cultural and literary history and is also used as a personal name in Wales, symbolizing a connection to Welsh folklore and heritage.

Common Misspellings for LLYR

  • klyr
  • plyr
  • olyr
  • lkyr
  • lpyr
  • loyr
  • lltr
  • llgr
  • llhr
  • ll7r
  • ll6r
  • llye
  • llyf
  • llyt
  • lly5
  • lly4
  • kllyr
  • lklyr
  • llyv
  • llyp

Etymology of LLYR

The word "llyr" has its roots in the Welsh language. It is derived from the Old Welsh word "Lluydd", which was the name of a significant character in Welsh mythology. Lluydd, also known as Llŷr, was a powerful figure who represented the sea and ruled over the otherworldly realm. Over time, the name evolved into "llyr" and became associated with the concept of the sea and water in general. Today, the word "llyr" is still used in Welsh to refer to the sea.


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