How Do You Spell LOBS?

The word "lobs" is spelled with four letters 'l', 'o', 'b', and 's'. Its pronunciation is /lɑbz/ and it means to throw or toss something in a careless or unskillful manner. The IPA phonetic transcription of this word shows that the 'o' sound is pronounced as /ɑ/, which is an open back vowel. The 'b' sound is pronounced as a voiced bilabial stop /b/, while the 's' sound is pronounced as an unvoiced alveolar fricative /z/. With correct pronunciation and spelling, 'lobs' can be easily used in any context.

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Conjugate verb Lobs


I would lob
we would lob
you would lob
he/she/it would lob
they would lob


I will lob
we will lob
you will lob
he/she/it will lob
they will lob


I will have lobbed
we will have lobbed
you will have lobbed
he/she/it will have lobbed
they will have lobbed


I lobbed
we lobbed
you lobbed
he/she/it lobbed
they lobbed


I had lobbed
we had lobbed
you had lobbed
he/she/it had lobbed
they had lobbed


I lob
we lob
you lob
he/she/it lobs
they lob


I have lobbed
we have lobbed
you have lobbed
he/she/it has lobbed
they have lobbed
I am lobbing
we are lobbing
you are lobbing
he/she/it is lobbing
they are lobbing
I was lobbing
we were lobbing
you were lobbing
he/she/it was lobbing
they were lobbing
I will be lobbing
we will be lobbing
you will be lobbing
he/she/it will be lobbing
they will be lobbing
I have been lobbing
we have been lobbing
you have been lobbing
he/she/it has been lobbing
they have been lobbing
I had been lobbing
we had been lobbing
you had been lobbing
he/she/it had been lobbing
they had been lobbing
I will have been lobbing
we will have been lobbing
you will have been lobbing
he/she/it will have been lobbing
they will have been lobbing
I would have lobbed
we would have lobbed
you would have lobbed
he/she/it would have lobbed
they would have lobbed
I would be lobbing
we would be lobbing
you would be lobbing
he/she/it would be lobbing
they would be lobbing
I would have been lobbing
we would have been lobbing
you would have been lobbing
he/she/it would have been lobbing
they would have been lobbing


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