How Do You Spell LOHM?

The word "lohm" is a relatively uncommon term that is spelled phonetically as /ləʊm/. The IPA phonetic transcription of the word highlights the pronunciation of each individual sound making up the word. The "l" sound is pronounced using the tongue, while the "oh" sound is pronounced in the middle of the mouth by a long, drawn-out sound. The final "m" sound is produced by pressing the lips together. As a result, this word may be unfamiliar to many due to its unusual spelling and lack of common usage.

Common Misspellings for LOHM

  • lom
  • loam
  • loham
  • lohim
  • lHOM
  • lohum
  • klohm
  • l0hm
  • l9hm
  • plohm
  • lpohm
  • olohm
  • liohm
  • loihm
  • llohm
  • lolhm
  • lophm
  • l0ohm
  • lo0hm
  • l9ohm

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