How Do You Spell LOLO?

The word "lolo" is a phonetically spelled word which means grandmother in some languages such as Tagalog. It is pronounced /ˈloʊlo/ which sounds like "loh-loh". The first syllable "lo" is pronounced with a mid-back rounded vowel sound /o/ and the second syllable "lo" is pronounced with a low-back rounded vowel sound /o/, creating a repetitive and rhythmic sound. Phonetically spelled words such as "lolo" are useful for non-native speakers to correctly pronounce difficult words that are not spelled phonetically in their language.

Common Misspellings for LOLO

  • lopo
  • lkolo
  • lo9lo
  • lolko
  • lolpo
  • loloo
  • loloi
  • lolok
  • lol0o
  • lolo0
  • lol9o
  • lolo9
  • lloo
  • molo
  • lglo
  • lnlo
  • lowlow
  • l olo
  • lo lo
  • lol o

Similar spelling words for LOLO

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