How Do You Spell LONTAR?

The word "lontar" is used to refer to a type of palm leaf manuscript used for traditional Indonesian literature. The spelling of the word is based on the Indonesian language, which uses the Latin alphabet. The IPA phonetic transcription for "lontar" is /lɔnˈtɑr/. The stress in the word falls on the second syllable, indicated by the apostrophe. The "o" sound is pronounced as a back, rounded vowel, and the "a" sound is pronounced as an open unrounded vowel.

Common Misspellings for LONTAR

  • kontar
  • pontar
  • oontar
  • lintar
  • lkntar
  • llntar
  • lpntar
  • l0ntar
  • l9ntar
  • lobtar
  • lomtar
  • lojtar
  • lohtar
  • lonrar
  • lonfar
  • lonyar
  • lon6ar
  • lon5ar
  • lontzr

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