How Do You Spell LOOSES?

Pronunciation: [lˈuːsɪz] (IPA)

The spelling of "looses" can be confusing for some due to the double "o" sound. The correct pronunciation is /lu:sɪz/ with emphasis on the first syllable. The word is spelled with two "o's" to differentiate it from the word "loses," which has only one "o." "Looses" is the present tense, third person singular form of the verb "loosen," meaning to make something less tight or firm. Remembering the difference in spelling and pronunciation can help prevent mistakes in written and spoken communication.

Common Misspellings for LOOSES

Etymology of LOOSES

The word "loose" is derived from the Old Norse word "lauss" which means free or detached. It has roots in the Proto-Germanic language and is related to other Germanic languages such as German "los" and Dutch "los".

Similar spelling words for LOOSES

Conjugate verb Looses


I would loose
we would loose
you would loose
he/she/it would loose
they would loose


I will loose
we will loose
you will loose
he/she/it will loose
they will loose


I will have loosed
we will have loosed
you will have loosed
he/she/it will have loosed
they will have loosed


I loosed
we loosed
you loosed
he/she/it loosed
they loosed


I had loosed
we had loosed
you had loosed
he/she/it had loosed
they had loosed


I loose
we loose
you loose
he/she/it looses
they loose


I have loosed
we have loosed
you have loosed
he/she/it has loosed
they have loosed
I am loosing
we are loosing
you are loosing
he/she/it is loosing
they are loosing
I was loosing
we were loosing
you were loosing
he/she/it was loosing
they were loosing
I will be loosing
we will be loosing
you will be loosing
he/she/it will be loosing
they will be loosing
I have been loosing
we have been loosing
you have been loosing
he/she/it has been loosing
they have been loosing
I had been loosing
we had been loosing
you had been loosing
he/she/it had been loosing
they had been loosing
I will have been loosing
we will have been loosing
you will have been loosing
he/she/it will have been loosing
they will have been loosing
I would have loosed
we would have loosed
you would have loosed
he/she/it would have loosed
they would have loosed
I would be loosing
we would be loosing
you would be loosing
he/she/it would be loosing
they would be loosing
I would have been loosing
we would have been loosing
you would have been loosing
he/she/it would have been loosing
they would have been loosing


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