How Do You Spell LORY?

Pronunciation: [lˈɔːɹi] (IPA)

The word "lory" is a noun that refers to a small brightly colored parrot native to Australasia. According to IPA phonetic transcription, the word is pronounced as "ˈlɒrɪ". The spelling of the word "lory" is believed to have originated from the Malay word "leiri" which translates to "a small parrot". Over time, the term evolved into "lory" as it entered into the English language lexicon. Despite being commonly misspelled with only one 'r', the correct spelling of the word is "lory".

LORY Meaning and Definition

  1. A lory is a small to medium-sized, vibrantly colored parrot species that belongs to the subfamily Loriinae. This word can also refer to any member of the genus Trichoglossus, which includes several species commonly known as lories. Lories are predominantly found in Australia, New Guinea, and nearby islands, inhabiting various types of forests and woodlands.

    Lories are known for their strikingly beautiful plumage, which often displays a multitude of vibrant shades such as red, yellow, blue, green, and orange. Their beaks are typically broad and curved, designed to suit their feeding habits, which consist mainly of nectar, pollen, fruits, and seeds. Lories also possess a unique brush-like tongue adaptation that enables them to efficiently exploit their specialized diet.

    These social birds are highly active and known for their playful behavior. They are often seen flying swiftly or climbing trees with agility and acrobatics. Lories are also adept at mimicking sounds and human speech, making them popular pets among bird enthusiasts. Due to their intelligence and interactive nature, lories require mental stimulation and social interaction to thrive in captivity.

    Conservation of lories is a significant concern as several species are currently listed as vulnerable or endangered due to habitat loss and illegal pet trade. Efforts are being made to protect their natural environments and regulate trade to ensure their survival.

  2. A bird of the parrot kind, usually of a red colour.

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Common Misspellings for LORY

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  • pory
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  • lor6
  • klory
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Etymology of LORY

The word "lory" originated from the Malay term "nuri", which referred to a small parrot native to the Malay Archipelago. The term was further anglicized as "lory" when it entered the English language in the 18th century.

Similar spelling words for LORY

Plural form of LORY is LORIES


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