How Do You Spell LOSES?

Correct spelling for the English word "loses" is [l_ˈuː_z_ɪ_z], [lˈuːzɪz], [lˈuːzɪz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Anagrams of LOSES

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Usage Examples for LOSES

  1. I think, said Brandon, that if the young man is to lose the property through this confession, he has a right to know what sort of mother he loses with it. - "Mr. Hogarth's Will" by Catherine Helen Spence
  2. My lords, when a young woman loses her character is not that her ruin? - "Trial-of-Mary-Blandy" by Roughead, William

Conjugate verb Loses


I would lose
we would lose
you would lose
he/she/it would lose
they would lose


I will lose
we will lose
you will lose
he/she/it will lose
they will lose


I will have lost
we will have lost
you will have lost
he/she/it will have lost
they will have lost


I lost
we lost
you lost
he/she/it lost
they lost


I had lost
we had lost
you had lost
he/she/it had lost
they had lost


I lose
we lose
you lose
he/she/it loses
they lose


I have lost
we have lost
you have lost
he/she/it has lost
they have lost
I am losing
we are losing
you are losing
he/she/it is losing
they are losing
I was losing
we were losing
you were losing
he/she/it was losing
they were losing
I will be losing
we will be losing
you will be losing
he/she/it will be losing
they will be losing
I have been losing
we have been losing
you have been losing
he/she/it has been losing
they have been losing
I had been losing
we had been losing
you had been losing
he/she/it had been losing
they had been losing
I will have been losing
we will have been losing
you will have been losing
he/she/it will have been losing
they will have been losing
I would have lost
we would have lost
you would have lost
he/she/it would have lost
they would have lost
I would be losing
we would be losing
you would be losing
he/she/it would be losing
they would be losing
I would have been losing
we would have been losing
you would have been losing
he/she/it would have been losing
they would have been losing