How Do You Spell LOSING?

The word "losing" is spelled with the letters L-O-S-I-N-G. The first sound is the "L" sound, which is pronounced with the tongue touching the roof of the mouth behind the teeth. The "O" is pronounced like "ow," with the lips rounded. The "S" is pronounced with a hissing sound as the air passes through the teeth. The "I" sound is pronounced with the tongue towards the top of the mouth. The final "NG" sound is pronounced with the back of the tongue against the roof of the mouth.

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Plural form of LOSING is LOSINGS

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Conjugate verb Losing


I would lose
we would lose
you would lose
he/she/it would lose
they would lose


I will lose
we will lose
you will lose
he/she/it will lose
they will lose


I will have lost
we will have lost
you will have lost
he/she/it will have lost
they will have lost


I lost
we lost
you lost
he/she/it lost
they lost


I had lost
we had lost
you had lost
he/she/it had lost
they had lost


I lose
we lose
you lose
he/she/it loses
they lose


I have lost
we have lost
you have lost
he/she/it has lost
they have lost
I am losing
we are losing
you are losing
he/she/it is losing
they are losing
I was losing
we were losing
you were losing
he/she/it was losing
they were losing
I will be losing
we will be losing
you will be losing
he/she/it will be losing
they will be losing
I have been losing
we have been losing
you have been losing
he/she/it has been losing
they have been losing
I had been losing
we had been losing
you had been losing
he/she/it had been losing
they had been losing
I will have been losing
we will have been losing
you will have been losing
he/she/it will have been losing
they will have been losing
I would have lost
we would have lost
you would have lost
he/she/it would have lost
they would have lost
I would be losing
we would be losing
you would be losing
he/she/it would be losing
they would be losing
I would have been losing
we would have been losing
you would have been losing
he/she/it would have been losing
they would have been losing


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