How Do You Spell LOUGH?

Pronunciation: [lˈʌf] (IPA)

The word "lough" is an Irish term that refers to a lake or a bay. It is spelled as "lough" and pronounced as /lɒx/. The sound "ough" in this word is a peculiar one as it can be pronounced in different ways. In the case of the word "lough," the /-ɒx/ sound is pronounced with a guttural fricative sound created by air passing through the back of the throat, followed by a voiceless velar fricative. This makes the spelling of "lough" unique and requires some understanding of phonetics to explain its pronunciation.

LOUGH Meaning and Definition

  1. A lough, also known as a loch, is a term used predominantly in Ireland and Scotland to refer to a body of water that is either a lake or a sea inlet. The word derives from the Irish/Gaelic word "loch", which translates to "lake" in English. Loughs are primarily formed as a result of glacial activity, with the melting ice shaping the landscape and leaving behind depressions that eventually fill with water.

    Loughs can vary in size, ranging from small and shallow to large and deep. They can be found in diverse landscapes, including coastal areas, mountains, and valleys. The water in loughs is typically fresh, although some larger ones may have a mix of freshwater and saltwater due to tidal influences.

    Loughs serve various purposes, ranging from recreational activities such as fishing, boating, and water sports to providing crucial habitats for aquatic plants and animals. They also have cultural significance, often featuring in myths, legends, and folklore of the regions they are found in. Many loughs are renowned for their natural beauty and are sought-after tourist destinations. They are integral parts of the landscape, contributing to the overall biodiversity and ecological balance of an area.

    Overall, a lough is a term commonly used in Ireland and Scotland to denote a lake or sea inlet resulting from glacial activity. It encompasses a wide range of water body sizes, is important for various ecosystems and human activities, and carries significant cultural and historical value.

  2. The Irish spelling of Scotch loch; a loch; an arm of the sea.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of LOUGH

The word "lough" originated from the Irish Gaelic word "loch", which means a lake or a fjord. This term was used to describe bodies of water in Ireland and Scotland, especially those that have a narrow or elongated shape. Over time, "loch" was anglicized to "lough" in English.

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Plural form of LOUGH is LOUGHS


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