How Do You Spell LOWRIMORE?

Pronunciation: [lˈə͡ʊɹɪmˌɔː] (IPA)

Lowrimore, a surname of Irish origin, is spelled phonetically as /loʊrɪmɔːr/. The first syllable "low" is pronounced as in "low-pitched", while the second syllable "ri" has a short "i" sound as in "rip". The "more" ending is pronounced with a long "o" sound as in "moreover. Therefore, when combined, the three syllables create the full pronunciation of Lowrimore as "low-ri-more". The spelling of this name is important for its proper recognition, and the IPA phonetic transcription helps elucidate the exact pronunciation.

LOWRIMORE Meaning and Definition

  1. Lowrimore is a proper noun that represents a surname or last name with origins in the English language. It is primarily found in the southern regions of the United States, particularly in the state of Texas. This surname is considered relatively rare, with a limited number of individuals bearing this name.

    Due to its limited usage, there is no specific historical or cultural background associated with the name "Lowrimore." Its etymology is uncertain, and it is likely a combination of different roots or a variant of other surnames. The prefix "Low-" may have associations with something "below" or "lowly," while the suffix "-more" typically refers to a geographic feature like a hill or a moor.

    As a proper noun, "Lowrimore" refers to individuals and families that bear this name. Its usage implies a familial connection and serves as an identifier or label for each person or group. In various legal and administrative contexts, surnames such as "Lowrimore" are used for identification purposes, indicating an individual's heritage and familial lineage.

    Overall, "Lowrimore" signifies a surname that is relatively uncommon and most frequently found in the southern United States. Its specific origins and meanings are unclear, but it functions as a means of identification and association with a particular individual or family.

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