How Do You Spell LTCB?

The spelling of the acronym "LTCB" is made up of four letters: /ɛl ti si bi/. Each letter represents a component of the phrase it stands for, which is commonly referred to as a "long-term care bond." This bond is specifically designed to finance long-term care facilities for elderly or disabled individuals. Therefore, the "L" stands for "long-term," the "T" for "care," the "C" for "bond," and the "B" for "long-term care bond." Despite its complex sounding name, it is a fairly straightforward financial instrument.

Common Misspellings for LTCB

  • ltcnb
  • ltcbn
  • ltchb
  • ltcbh
  • ltcgb
  • ltcbg
  • lttcb
  • ltccb
  • l tcb
  • lt cb
  • LtQB

9 words made out of letters LTCB

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3 letters


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