How Do You Spell LTDA.?

The abbreviation "LTDA." stands for "Limitada" in Spanish, which means "Limited" in English. The phonetic transcription in IPA is /li.mɪˈta.ða/. It is spelled with the letters L, T, D, and A in that order. The "L" is pronounced as "ell" (/ɛl/) and the "T" as "tee" (/ti/). The "D" is pronounced as "dee" (/di/), and the "A" as "ah" (/ɑː/). This abbreviation is often used in Spanish-speaking countries to indicate that a company is a limited liability entity.

Common Misspellings for LTDA.

  • ltdca.
  • ltdfa.
  • ltdra.
  • lteda.
  • ltdea.
  • ltdza.
  • ltdaz.
  • ltdas.
  • ltdwa.
  • ltdaw.
  • ltdqa.
  • ltdaq.
  • ltd.a
  • lltda.
  • lttda.
  • ltdda.
  • ltdaa.
  • LTDAn
  • l tda.
  • lt da.

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