How Do You Spell LUBE?

The word "lube" is commonly used as a shortened version of the term "lubricant", which refers to a substance used for reducing friction between surfaces. Its spelling is derived from the pronunciation of the word's first syllable, which is pronounced as "luhb" in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). The second syllable "ube" is pronounced as "ju:b". The word "lube" is a simple and concise way to refer to a variety of lubricants, such as grease or oil, that are essential in many industries to keep machines running smoothly.

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Plural form of LUBE is LUBES

13 words made out of letters LUBE

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Conjugate verb Lube


I would lube
we would lube
you would lube
he/she/it would lube
they would lube


I will lube
we will lube
you will lube
he/she/it will lube
they will lube


I will have lubed
we will have lubed
you will have lubed
he/she/it will have lubed
they will have lubed


I lubed
we lubed
you lubed
he/she/it lubed
they lubed


I had lubed
we had lubed
you had lubed
he/she/it had lubed
they had lubed


I lube
we lube
you lube
he/she/it lubes
they lube


I have lubed
we have lubed
you have lubed
he/she/it has lubed
they have lubed
I am lubing
we are lubing
you are lubing
he/she/it is lubing
they are lubing
I was lubing
we were lubing
you were lubing
he/she/it was lubing
they were lubing
I will be lubing
we will be lubing
you will be lubing
he/she/it will be lubing
they will be lubing
I have been lubing
we have been lubing
you have been lubing
he/she/it has been lubing
they have been lubing
I had been lubing
we had been lubing
you had been lubing
he/she/it had been lubing
they had been lubing
I will have been lubing
we will have been lubing
you will have been lubing
he/she/it will have been lubing
they will have been lubing
I would have lubed
we would have lubed
you would have lubed
he/she/it would have lubed
they would have lubed
I would be lubing
we would be lubing
you would be lubing
he/she/it would be lubing
they would be lubing
I would have been lubing
we would have been lubing
you would have been lubing
he/she/it would have been lubing
they would have been lubing


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