How Do You Spell LUDWIK?

The name "Ludwik" is a Polish variant of the popular name "Louis". The spelling of this word in IPA is [luːdvɪk], where the emphasized syllable is "dwik". The "l" is pronounced as in English, and the "u" is pronounced like the "oo" in "boot". The "d" sounds like the soft "th" in the word "this", and the "w" sounds like the English "v". The final "ik" is pronounced like "ick". This spelling accurately reflects the pronunciation of the name in Polish.

Common Misspellings for LUDWIK

  • kudwik
  • pudwik
  • oudwik
  • lydwik
  • lhdwik
  • ljdwik
  • lidwik
  • l8dwik
  • l7dwik
  • luswik
  • luxwik
  • lucwik
  • lufwik
  • lurwik
  • luewik
  • ludqik
  • ludaik
  • ludsik
  • lud3ik
  • lud2ik

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