How Do You Spell LUI?

The French pronoun "lui" is spelled phonetically as /lɥi/. The first letter, "l", is pronounced as a voiced alveolar lateral approximant. The second syllable, "ui", is pronounced as a rounded high back vowel followed by a voiced palatal approximant. In English, "lui" translates to "him" or "to him" and is used to refer to a male person or animal. Mastering the correct spelling and pronunciation of "lui" is essential for learning the French language.

Common Misspellings for LUI

  • l7i
  • lpui
  • lyui
  • ljui
  • l8ui
  • lu8i
  • l7ui
  • lu7i
  • luui
  • luiu
  • lu9i
  • lui9
  • lui8
  • l ui
  • lu i

Similar spelling words for LUI

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