How Do You Spell LUNDA?

The word "lunda" can be spelled using IPA phonetic transcription as /ˈlʌndə/. The first syllable "lun" is pronounced with the "uh" sound as in "up" and the "n" sound. The second syllable "da" is pronounced with the "d" sound and the "uh" sound. The double "n" in the first syllable indicates that the "n" sound should be emphasized. "Lunda" is a Bantu language spoken in Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Common Misspellings for LUNDA

  • punda
  • ounda
  • lhnda
  • ljnda
  • l8nda
  • l7nda
  • lubda
  • lumda
  • lujda
  • luhda
  • lunxa
  • lunca
  • lunea
  • lundz
  • lundw
  • lundq
  • klunda
  • lkunda
  • plunda
  • mundf

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