How Do You Spell LUNULATED?

Lunulated is a word that is spelled with six letters in English. Its IPA phonetic transcription is /ˈljuːnjʊleɪtəd/. The word consists of two parts; "lunule" means a small crescent or moon-shaped mark, and the suffix "-ated" means to have been changed or transformed. Therefore, lunulated refers to something that has been marked or transformed into a crescent or moon shape. This term is commonly used in botany and zoology to describe things like the shape or pattern of leaves, shells, or animals.

Common Misspellings for LUNULATED

  • kunulated
  • punulated
  • ounulated
  • lynulated
  • lhnulated
  • ljnulated
  • linulated
  • l8nulated
  • l7nulated
  • lubulated
  • lumulated
  • lujulated
  • luhulated
  • lunylated
  • lunhlated
  • lunjlated
  • lunilated
  • lun8lated
  • lun7lated

4 words made out of letters LUNULATED

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8 letters


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