How Do You Spell LURES?

Correct spelling for the English word "lures" is [l_ˈʊə_z], [lˈʊ͡əz], [lˈʊ‍əz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for LURES

Below is the list of 118 misspellings for the word "lures".

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Anagrams of LURES

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Usage Examples for LURES

  1. They do not use lures or disguises, or traps or poison. - "Ways of Nature" by John Burroughs
  2. His intellect had made servants and lures of his emotions and his heart, for even his every case in court had been won by easy and selfish command of all those feelings in mankind which make possible personal understanding. - "The Right of Way, Volume 5." by Gilbert Parker

Conjugate verb Lures


I would lure
we would lure
you would lure
he/she/it would lure
they would lure


I will lure
we will lure
you will lure
he/she/it will lure
they will lure


I will have lured
we will have lured
you will have lured
he/she/it will have lured
they will have lured


I lured
we lured
you lured
he/she/it lured
they lured


I had lured
we had lured
you had lured
he/she/it had lured
they had lured


I lure
we lure
you lure
he/she/it lures
they lure


I have lured
we have lured
you have lured
he/she/it has lured
they have lured
I am luring
we are luring
you are luring
he/she/it is luring
they are luring
I was luring
we were luring
you were luring
he/she/it was luring
they were luring
I will be luring
we will be luring
you will be luring
he/she/it will be luring
they will be luring
I have been luring
we have been luring
you have been luring
he/she/it has been luring
they have been luring
I had been luring
we had been luring
you had been luring
he/she/it had been luring
they had been luring
I will have been luring
we will have been luring
you will have been luring
he/she/it will have been luring
they will have been luring
I would have lured
we would have lured
you would have lured
he/she/it would have lured
they would have lured
I would be luring
we would be luring
you would be luring
he/she/it would be luring
they would be luring
I would have been luring
we would have been luring
you would have been luring
he/she/it would have been luring
they would have been luring