How Do You Spell MADEL?

The word "Madel" is a proper noun that is spelled as /maːdəl/ in IPA phonetic transcription. Its spelling follows the standard English pronunciation rules where the "a" sound is pronounced as a long "a" and the "e" represents the short "ə" or "uh" sound. It is often used as a name for girls, with variations in spelling such as Madelle, Madell or Madal. The word has a German origin and is believed to mean "woman of Magdala", which is a village in Israel.

Common Misspellings for MADEL

  • madelk
  • madepl
  • madelp
  • madeol
  • madelo
  • mdael
  • maedl
  • mmadel
  • maadel
  • iadel
  • oadel
  • Mcdel
  • Madul
  • Madml
  • Madgl
  • Madeh
  • maidl
  • m adel
  • mad el
  • made l

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