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Pronunciation: [mˈakwɪz] (IPA)

The word "maquis" is pronounced as /mɑːkiː/. It is a French loanword that refers to a dense thicket or scrubland, typically found in the Mediterranean region. The spelling of the word may seem confusing at first, but it follows the French spelling system where "qu" represents the sound /k/. In English, it is usually spelled as "maquis" with a single "s". This word has been used in various contexts, including the military and the history of the French Resistance during World War II.

MAQUIS Meaning and Definition

  1. Maquis, noun

    1. A term with historical and geographical origins in southern Europe, particularly in France and Spain, referring to a dense and impenetrable thicket or undergrowth typically consisting of shrubs, bushes, and low trees. The vegetation of a maquis is often found in Mediterranean regions and characterized by tough, evergreen leaves and the ability to withstand hot and dry climates.

    2. Also known as "maquisard," the term refers to a partisan or guerrilla fighter engaged in a resistance movement against an occupying force, particularly during the World Wars or nationalist conflicts. In this context, the maquis refers to a specific group or network of underground fighters and activists who operate in mountainous or forested areas, utilizing their knowledge of the terrain and the local population to conduct hit-and-run attacks, sabotage, and other acts of resistance against the occupying forces.

    3. In a broader sense, maquis can also pertain to any form of dense and tangled brushwood or vegetation found in various climatic regions worldwide, resembling the original maquis of the Mediterranean. This usage may include areas such as chaparral in California or matorral in South America. In ecology, maquis can refer to a distinct type of vegetation community distinguished by its shrub-dominated structure and the presence of various species adapted to fire-prone environments.

    The word "maquis" finds origin from the Corsican dialect, where it referred to the dense scrubland vegetation characteristic of the Mediterranean region.

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Etymology of MAQUIS

The word "maquis" derives from the Corsican and Occitan languages. It originally referred to the dense scrubland vegetation found in the Mediterranean region, particularly in Corsica, Sardinia, and southern France. Over time, the word started being used to describe the resistance fighters who fought against the German and Italian occupation forces during World War II. These fighters sought refuge and operated from the dense maquis vegetation, hence the term "maquisards" or "maquis" came to signify the guerrilla fighters of the French Resistance. The term later extended in usage to refer to resistance movements in other regions as well.

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Plural form of MAQUIS is MAQUIS


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