How Do You Spell MARED?

The word "mared" is spelled with two syllables: /ˈmær.ɪd/. The first syllable is pronounced with the vowel sound /æ/, as in "cat". The second syllable is pronounced with the same vowel sound, followed by the consonant sound /r/ and the vowel sound /ɪ/, as in "kid". This word is a past participle form of the verb "mare", which means to make a horse anxious or frightened. Proper spelling is important for clear communication, and learning how to pronounce words accurately can help with reading and speaking skills.

Common Misspellings for MARED

  • mare3d
  • mareds
  • marexd
  • maredx
  • marecd
  • maredc
  • marefd
  • maredf
  • maredr
  • mraed
  • maerd
  • mmared
  • maared
  • Mcred
  • Marmd
  • m ared
  • mar ed
  • mare d

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