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Pronunciation: [mɐɹˈiː] (IPA)

Marie is a commonly used female given name that is spelled as /maˈri/. It is phonetically pronounced as "muh-REE." The spelling of the name has not changed much over time, as it has been used since the Middle Ages. The name Marie is of French and German origin and is derived from Mary, the mother of Jesus. The name is often associated with qualities like grace, beauty, and elegance, and is still widely used around the world today.

MARIE Meaning and Definition

  1. Marie is a feminine given name that has various origins and meanings. It is derived from the Hebrew name "Miriam," meaning "wished-for child" or "bitter." This name gained popularity in Western Europe during the medieval period and has continued to be commonly used to this day.

    Marie is also known to be of French origin, often considered a variant of the name Mary, which has Biblical roots and signifies "beloved" or "rebellious." Mary holds significance in various religious traditions, particularly Christianity, as the name of the mother of Jesus Christ.

    However, Marie can also have regional variations and cultural associations. In many French-speaking countries, it is a popular standalone name or used as a diminutive form of other names like Marie-Antoinette or Marie-Claire. It may carry refined or elegant connotations in these contexts.

    Furthermore, Marie can sometimes be used as a surname or a middle name. In certain cultures, like German or Scandinavian, it can also be a component of compound given names, such as Annemarie or Mariel.

    Overall, Marie is a versatile and enduring name with diverse origins and interpretations. Its popularity and usage can vary depending on cultural, historical, and personal factors, making it a timeless choice for parents worldwide.

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Etymology of MARIE

The name "Marie" has its roots in various languages and cultures. The name can be traced back to Hebrew, Latin, and French origins.

In Hebrew, the name "Maryam" or "Miriam" (מִרְיָם) is believed to be the original form. This name appears in the Old Testament of the Bible, particularly in the New Testament where it is associated with the mother of Jesus. The name "Miriam" is said to mean "bitterness" or "rebelliousness" in Hebrew.

During the spread of Christianity in ancient Rome, the Latin version of the name, "Maria", emerged. This Latin form was also influenced by the ancient Greek name "Mariam" (Μαριάμ), which shares its roots with the Hebrew name.

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