How Do You Spell MASKER?

Pronunciation: [mˈaskə] (IPA)

The word "masker" is spelled with the letter "k" instead of the more common "c" because it comes from the Dutch word "masker," which has a hard "k" sound. The IPA transcription for "masker" is /ˈmæskər/. The "a" is pronounced short, and the "er" at the end is pronounced with a neutral sound. This word is often used as a synonym for "mask-wearer" or someone who wears a mask for protection or disguise.

MASKER Meaning and Definition

  1. A masker is a noun that refers to someone who participates in or wears a mask as part of a traditional celebration, ritual, or festivity. It is also used to describe individuals who engage in the activity of wearing a mask to disguise their identity, often for entertainment or anonymity.

    In the context of cultural celebrations, a masker is a participant in masked dances or ceremonies that are performed during festivals or religious events. These individuals wear intricately designed masks usually made from various materials such as wood, metal, or fabric. Maskers may symbolize ancestral spirits, gods, or mythological beings and their performances often involve music, dance, and storytelling.

    The term "masker" is also used to describe individuals who wear masks as a form of entertainment or concealment. This can include individuals participating in cosplay or masquerade parties, where masks are worn to portray fictional characters or to adopt a different persona. Additionally, maskers can be found in various forms of street theater, such as mime or commedia dell'arte, where masks are a key element in expressing emotions and conveying various characters or archetypes.

    Overall, a masker can refer to both traditional cultural participants who wear masks for ceremonial purposes, as well as individuals who wear masks for entertainment, disguise, or artistic expression.

  2. One who wears a mask.

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Etymology of MASKER

The word masker comes from the Middle French word mascar which means mask. It can be further traced back to the Italian word maschera and the Medieval Latin word masca which both also mean mask. The ultimate origin of the word is uncertain, but it's believed to have possibly derived from an Arabic word or possibly from a Latin word meaning ghost or specter.

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Plural form of MASKER is MASKERS


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