How Do You Spell MAT?

Pronunciation: [mˈat] (IPA)

The word "mat" is spelled with three letters - M, A, and T. In IPA phonetic transcription, it is represented as /mæt/. The first sound is the bilabial nasal consonant, /m/. The second sound is the short vowel /æ/, which is a low-front vowel. The final sound is the voiceless alveolar stop consonant, /t/. The spelling of "mat" is fairly straightforward and reflects the sounds of the word accurately.

MAT Meaning and Definition

Mat noun:

1. A flat, thick piece of fabric or woven material, typically made of straw, sisal, coir, or rubber, used as a covering or cushioning underfoot or as a surface for exercise, yoga, or gymnastics.

Example: She placed a colorful mat by the front door to wipe her shoes on.

2. A small, decorative piece of fabric or woven material, often used to protect a surface or for decoration.

Example: The table was adorned with a delicate lace mat for the dinner party.

3. A thick pad or cushion used to protect a surface from damage, reduce noise, or provide insulation.

Example: The glassware was carefully placed on a foam mat to prevent breakage during transport.

4. A flat piece of coarse material, such as rush or woven straw, used for sleeping on or as a natural floor covering.

Example: In some cultures, people still sleep on mats made of straw or palm leaves.

5. A piece of cardboard or similar material placed in a beehive to collect excess honeycomb and keep the hive clean.

Example: The beekeeper removed the mat to extract fresh honey from the hive.

6. A dense tangled mass of hair, fur, or bristles.

Example: The dog's coat was so matted that it required extensive grooming.

7. An abbreviation for "mathematics."

Example: She excelled in all subjects, especially in mat.

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Etymology of MAT

The word "mat" originated from Middle English "matte" or "matt", which ultimately derive from Old English "matta" or "matte", meaning "coarse matting or bedding made of rushes, straw, or other material". The Old English term was derived from Old High German "mattea" or "matta", which had the same meaning. This Germanic root can be traced back further to Proto-Germanic "*mattaz". The word has been used to refer to a variety of flat or coarse materials that are woven together to form a surface, such as floor coverings or protective pads.

Idioms with the word MAT

  • go to the mat (for sb/sth) The idiom "go to the mat (for sb/sth)" means to vigorously support or defend someone or something, often in a confrontational or determined manner. It implies being willing to go to great lengths, including facing difficulties or obstacles, in order to protect or support the person or cause.
  • go to the mat The idiom "go to the mat" means to fully engage in a difficult or intense struggle or dispute, often involving strong determination, persistence, and commitment. It refers to going as far as necessary to achieve a goal, even if it means enduring significant challenges or obstacles along the way.
  • go to the mat (with somebody) (for somebody/something) The idiom "go to the mat (with somebody) (for somebody/something)" refers to vigorously or aggressively defending or supporting someone or something. It is often used when someone is willing to fight or argue fiercely on behalf of another person or a particular cause or idea. It suggests a determination to give one's maximum effort, even if it means facing a challenging or difficult situation.
  • take somebody/something to the mat The idiom "take somebody/something to the mat" means to persistently and forcefully challenge or confront someone or something, often in a confrontational or combative manner. It suggests engaging in a conflict or heated debate, putting maximum effort and determination to achieve a desired outcome or resolution. The phrase may originate from wrestling, where "the mat" refers to the padded floor used in the sport, emphasizing the physical and intense nature of the confrontation.
  • brush (something) under the mat The idiom "brush (something) under the mat" means to ignore, conceal, or disregard an issue, problem, or mistake and prevent others from noticing or addressing it. It involves an intentional effort to hide or avoid dealing with an issue instead of confronting it openly. It denotes a tendency to sweep problems aside or pretend they do not exist.
  • lay, put, roll, etc. out the welcome mat The idiom "lay, put, roll, etc. out the welcome mat" means to prepare to receive someone with warm hospitality and open arms. It refers to making a sincere effort to make someone feel welcome and comfortable, often in a literal or metaphorical sense.
  • go to the mat for (someone or something) The idiom "go to the mat for (someone or something)" means to vigorously defend or support someone or something, often in a confrontational or aggressive way. It suggests a willingness to fight or take a strong stance in order to protect or advocate for the person or cause in question.
  • lay out the welcome mat (for someone) To "lay out the welcome mat (for someone)" means to warmly and eagerly receive or welcome someone, particularly to one's home or organization. It implies a hospitable and friendly attitude towards the person being welcomed, making them feel valued and comfortable.

Similar spelling words for MAT

Plural form of MAT is MATS

Conjugate verb Mat


I would have matted
you would have matted
he/she/it would have matted
we would have matted
they would have matted
I would have mat
you would have mat
he/she/it would have mat
we would have mat
they would have mat


I would have been matting
you would have been matting
he/she/it would have been matting
we would have been matting
they would have been matting


I would mat
you would mat
he/she/it would mat
we would mat
they would mat


I would be matting
you would be matting
he/she/it would be matting
we would be matting
they would be matting


I will mat
you will mat
he/she/it will mat
we will mat
they will mat


I will be matting
you will be matting
he/she/it will be matting
we will be matting
they will be matting


I will have matted
you will have matted
he/she/it will have matted
we will have matted
they will have matted


I will have been matting
you will have been matting
he/she/it will have been matting
we will have been matting
they will have been matting


you mat
we let´s mat


to mat


I was matting
you were matting
he/she/it was matting
we were matting
they were matting




I had matted
you had matted
he/she/it had matted
we had matted
they had matted


I had been matting
you had been matting
he/she/it had been matting
we had been matting
they had been matting


I mat
you mat
he/she/it mats
we mat
they mat


I am matting
you are mating
he/she/it is matting
we are matting
you are matting
they are matting




I have matted
you have matted
he/she/it has matted
we have matted
they have matted


I have been matting
you have been matting
he/she/it has been matting
we have been matting
they have been matting


he/she/it mat


I matted
you matted
he/she/it matted
we matted
they matted


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