How Do You Spell MAULER?

Pronunciation: [mˈɔːlə] (IPA)

The word "mauler" is spelled with six letters, starting with the consonant "m" followed by the vowel "au" pronounced like "aw" and the consonant "l". The word has two syllables with the primary stress on the first syllable "maul". The word "mauler" is pronounced /ˈmɔːlər/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The pronunciation of the word is similar to "mor-ler" with emphasis on the first syllable. This word refers to a person or animal that mauls or attacks someone with great force.

MAULER Meaning and Definition

  1. A "mauler" is a noun that refers to a person or creature who attacks or injures someone or something with great force and aggression, often using their brute strength. The term is typically used to describe individuals or animals capable of inflicting severe bodily harm through biting, scratching, or crushing with their powerful jaws, claws, or paws.

    In relation to a person, a mauler could be a physically imposing and exceptionally strong individual who possesses the ability to overpower others in physical altercations. They may be skilled fighters or athletes known for their aggressive and dominant style. The term can also extend to include individuals who engage in violent, uncontrolled behavior, causing damage and hurt to their victims.

    When referring to animals, a mauler is frequently associated with powerful predators such as bears, lions, or wolves, renowned for their ability to overpower and harm their prey. These creatures showcase their natural instincts and hunting prowess, using their formidable physical attributes to maul and immobilize their victims.

    Overall, "mauler" denotes an entity characterized by its fierce and vicious nature, inflicting severe damage through unrestrained physical violence. It conveys the idea of a relentless attacker who does not hold back, displaying a ferocity that can be both feared and admired depending on the context.

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Etymology of MAULER

The word "mauler" originates from the Old French term "malur" (also spelled "maluer" or "malour") which means "to make ill" or "to cause harm". It is derived from the Latin word "male" meaning "badly" or "ill". Over time, the term "mauler" evolved from meaning "to cause harm" to its current usage, referring to a person or animal that attacks or savages with great force or brutality.

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Plural form of MAULER is MAULERS


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