How Do You Spell MAVEN?

Pronunciation: [mˈavən] (IPA)

The word "maven" is often misspelled as "mayven" or "mevin". However, the correct spelling is "maven", pronounced as "mey-vuhn". The word comes from Yiddish and means an expert or connoisseur. The IPA phonetic transcription of "maven" is /ˈmeɪvən/. The "a" is pronounced as "ay", followed by a short "u" sound and a brief "uh" sound at the end. Remembering the correct spelling and pronunciation of "maven" can help you sound like a true expert in the subject matter.

MAVEN Meaning and Definition

  1. A maven is an expert or connoisseur in a specific field or subject matter. The term originates from Yiddish, where it means an expert or knowledgeable person. A maven is highly knowledgeable and skilled in their area of expertise, possessing a deep understanding and extensive knowledge of the subject matter.

    Mavens are often sought after for their valuable insights, opinions, and recommendations pertaining to their field. They are recognized as authorities in their respective areas, and their opinions carry significant weight within their communities or industries. They possess an extensive network and are well-connected within their field, allowing them to have access to the latest information, trends, and developments.

    Mavens actively engage in the pursuit of knowledge and are often driven by a genuine passion for their subject matter, continuously seeking to expand their understanding and stay abreast of advancements. Their expertise may be derived from a combination of education, experience, and innate qualities.

    Furthermore, mavens take on the role of disseminators of information and actively share their knowledge with others. They are often regarded as trusted sources of reliable information and are relied upon by others seeking guidance or advice in their field.

    In summary, a maven is an expert or authority in a specific field or subject matter, possessing extensive knowledge, expertise, and a genuine passion for their area of specialization.

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Etymology of MAVEN

The word maven is derived from the Hebrew term mavin, which means one who understands or one who knows. It was initially used in the Jewish community to refer to an expert or someone with extensive knowledge in a specific field. The term was later adopted into English and popularized by the American writer Malcolm Gladwell in his book The Tipping Point.

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Plural form of MAVEN is MAVENS


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