How Do You Spell MEAL?

Pronunciation: [mˈiːl] (IPA)

The word "meal" is spelled with three letters: m-e-a-l. The IPA transcription for this word is /miːl/, with the primary stress on the first syllable. The "m" sound is formed by placing the lips together and releasing the sound from the nose. The "e" sound is pronounced with the tongue in the middle of the mouth and slightly raised, and the "a" sound is pronounced with the tongue low and the mouth slightly open. Finally, the "l" sound is pronounced by touching the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth.

MEAL Meaning and Definition

A meal is a specific time of day or occasion when food is consumed, typically providing nourishment and satisfaction to individuals or a group of people. It usually involves a combination of different food items and is often accompanied by beverages. Meals can vary in size and complexity, ranging from simple and light snacks to elaborate and multi-course feasts.

The term "meal" is commonly used to refer to breakfast, lunch, or dinner, which are the main meals of the day in many cultures. Each meal has its own traditional timing and specific types of food associated with it. Breakfast is typically the first meal of the day, consumed in the morning, often consisting of foods like cereal, toast, eggs, or fruit. Lunch is usually consumed around midday and may include dishes such as sandwiches, soups, salads, or pasta. Dinner, on the other hand, is commonly eaten in the evening and often involves a more substantial meal with dishes like meat, vegetables, grains, and desserts.

Moreover, "meal" can also refer to a specific prepared food item, especially one that is consumed in a single serving. For example, terms like "fast food meal" or "boxed meal" indicate a complete combination of dishes or items that are presented or packaged together. Whether enjoyed alone or in the company of others, meals are essential for sustenance, social interaction, and cultural practices, playing a significant role in human life and culinary traditions.

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Etymology of MEAL

The word "meal" has its origins in Old English, specifically from the word "melu" or "mǣl". This Old English term referred to a measure of ground, usually grain, that was used for cooking or baking. Over time, the meaning of "meal" evolved to also include the final product of cooking or grinding, especially when referring to ground or crushed edible substances. Today, "meal" commonly refers to a portion of food served for eating, such as breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Idioms with the word MEAL

  • that was a game, meal, walk, etc. and a half! The idiom "that was a game, meal, walk, etc. and a half!" is an expression used to emphasize that something was exceptionally enjoyable, eventful, or of great magnitude. It implies that the experience exceeded expectations or was beyond what was anticipated, often leaving a lasting impression. This idiom can be applied to various activities or situations and is often used to convey enthusiasm or excitement.
  • make a meal (out) of sth The idiom "make a meal (out) of something" means to unnecessarily complicate or exaggerate a situation or task, often by giving it more time, attention, or importance than it deserves. It implies making something more difficult or complex than it actually is.
  • a few fries short of a Happy Meal The idiom "a few fries short of a Happy Meal" is a humorous way of describing someone who is not very intelligent or mentally lacking. It suggests that the person is missing a few key components or lacks the full package, just like a Happy Meal (a meal for children that usually includes a burger, fries, and a toy) that is missing some fries.
  • a square meal The idiom "a square meal" refers to a wholesome, well-balanced, and satisfying meal. It implies having enough food that provides all the necessary nutrients and energy to sustain a person's appetite and satisfy their hunger.
  • square (meal) The idiom "square meal" refers to a balanced and wholesome meal that provides adequate nourishment.
  • a meal ticket The idiom "a meal ticket" refers to a person, opportunity, or situation that provides a steady and reliable source of income, support, or sustenance. It typically implies that the individual or circumstance is relied upon for financial or material gain.
  • eat (a meal) out The idiom "eat (a meal) out" typically refers to the act of dining in a restaurant or eating a meal prepared outside one's home, especially for a special occasion or for convenience.
  • Enjoy your meal,
  • fix sth for (a meal) The idiom "fix something for (a meal)" means to prepare or cook something for a meal. It refers to the act of making or arranging food in order to have a meal.
  • make a meal of sth The idiom "make a meal of sth" means to unnecessarily or excessively complicate or exaggerate a situation, task, or problem, often by giving it more attention or importance than warranted. It implies that someone is overreacting or making something seem more difficult or significant than it actually is.
  • make a meal on The idiom "make a meal on" means to excessively elaborate or overthink a topic or situation, often treating it as more significant or complicated than it actually is. It implies exerting unnecessary effort or focus on a matter that doesn't warrant such attention.

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