SARMATIAN Meaning and Definition

Sarmatian refers to a term with multiple meanings and historical usages. In ancient times, it represented a distinct Iranian-speaking nomadic people who inhabited the vast steppes of Eurasia, primarily the region of present-day Ukraine, southern Russia, and Kazakhstan. They were known for their equestrian skills and warfare practices, and are often associated with the Scythians. The Sarmatians played a significant role in the history of the ancient world, with their influence extending from the Pontic-Caspian steppe to the Roman Empire.

Additionally, Sarmatian can be used to describe a group of people who are descendants of the historic Sarmatian culture. This can refer to individuals or communities with a shared ethnic or cultural heritage that traces back to the ancient Sarmatians.

The term "Sarmatian" can also be employed more broadly to describe a cultural or historical characteristic that resembles or evokes the qualities associated with the ancient Sarmatians. This usage may be metaphorical, representing their warrior spirit, nomadic lifestyle, or cultural attributes.

In contemporary usage, the term Sarmatian can occasionally be employed to refer to the Tatars, a Turkic ethnic group living in present-day Russia, Ukraine, and Crimea. However, such usage is less common and may depend on specific regional or cultural contexts.

Frequency of the word Sarmatian appearance in books over time

The depicted graph illustrates the occurrences of the term "Sarmatian" in a collection of English books from 1800 to 2008.