TO GREATER DEGREE Meaning and Definition

The phrase "to a greater degree" refers to the extent or level of something being increased or intensified beyond its previous state. It implies that a particular quality, characteristic, or condition has been enhanced or magnified to a larger extent than before.

The term "degree" in this context signifies the measure or level of intensity, magnitude, or amount that an attribute or aspect possesses. When something is said to be taken to a greater degree, it suggests that it has undergone a noticeable intensification or amplification.

This expression is often employed in comparative contexts, where a comparison is made between two or more things or situations, highlighting the disparity in the extent to which a specific quality or condition is present. It signifies that one element has demonstrated a more pronounced or prominent manifestation of the specified attribute.

For instance, if one person is said to be more adventurous than another to a greater degree, it indicates that the former exhibits a higher level of daring, willingness to take risks, or propensity for exploration in comparison to the latter.

In summary, "to a greater degree" signifies an elevated level or intensity of a specific quality, condition, or attribute when compared to a previous state or in relation to another entity. It emphasizes an enhanced manifestation or amplification of the mentioned characteristic beyond its prior extent.

Frequency of the word to greater degree appearance in books over time

The depicted graph illustrates the occurrences of the term "to greater degree" in a collection of English books from 1800 to 2008.