How Do You Spell MEANS?

Correct spelling for the English word "means" is [mˈiːnz], [mˈiːnz], [m_ˈiː_n_z] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Similar spelling words for MEANS

57 words made out of letters MEANS

3 letters

  • ane,
  • mes,
  • eas,
  • mes,
  • ens,
  • ems,
  • ans,
  • mas,
  • sen,
  • men,
  • sea,
  • esm,
  • sam,
  • nsa,
  • man.

4 letters

  • mesa,
  • smen,
  • mane,
  • mean,
  • maen,
  • smen,
  • sane,
  • amen,
  • same,
  • esna,
  • anem,
  • maen,
  • anem,
  • esna,
  • name,
  • mans,
  • seam.

5 letters

  • masen,
  • amens,
  • manse,
  • manes,
  • semna,
  • names,
  • ansem,
  • means,
  • seman,
  • menas,
  • means,
  • sanem,
  • menas,
  • smena,
  • mesan,
  • masen,
  • mensa,
  • samen,
  • semna,
  • samen,
  • mesan,
  • ansem,
  • smena,
  • sanem,
  • seman.

What does means stand for?

Abbreviation MEANS means:

  1. Multimedia Educator Assisted Networked System
  2. Model for economic analysis of network service

Conjugate verb Means


I would mean
we would mean
you would mean
he/she/it would mean
they would mean


I will mean
we will mean
you will mean
he/she/it will mean
they will mean


I will have meant
we will have meant
you will have meant
he/she/it will have meant
they will have meant


I meant
we meant
you meant
he/she/it meant
they meant


I had meant
we had meant
you had meant
he/she/it had meant
they had meant


I mean
we mean
you mean
he/she/it means
they mean


I have meant
we have meant
you have meant
he/she/it has meant
they have meant
I am meaning
we are meaning
you are meaning
he/she/it is meaning
they are meaning
I was meaning
we were meaning
you were meaning
he/she/it was meaning
they were meaning
I will be meaning
we will be meaning
you will be meaning
he/she/it will be meaning
they will be meaning
I have been meaning
we have been meaning
you have been meaning
he/she/it has been meaning
they have been meaning
I had been meaning
we had been meaning
you had been meaning
he/she/it had been meaning
they had been meaning
I will have been meaning
we will have been meaning
you will have been meaning
he/she/it will have been meaning
they will have been meaning
I would have meant
we would have meant
you would have meant
he/she/it would have meant
they would have meant
I would be meaning
we would be meaning
you would be meaning
he/she/it would be meaning
they would be meaning
I would have been meaning
we would have been meaning
you would have been meaning
he/she/it would have been meaning
they would have been meaning


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