How Do You Spell MEERKAT?

Pronunciation: [mˈi͡əkat] (IPA)

The word "meerkat" is spelled as /ˈmɪərkæt/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The first syllable sounds like "mir" and is pronounced with a short "i" sound. The second syllable sounds like "cat" and is pronounced with a short "a" sound. The "ee" in the middle of the word indicates a long "e" sound, while the "k" is a silent consonant. Meerkats are small mammals native to southern Africa with a distinctive upright posture and cute, curious expressions.

MEERKAT Meaning and Definition

  1. A meerkat is a small, social mongoose species native to the arid regions of southern Africa. Scientifically known as Suricata suricatta, it is characterized by its compact size, with adults typically growing to about 25-35 centimeters in length, plus an additional 17-25 centimeters in tail length. Their distinctive appearance includes a slender body covered in coarse fur, a pointed snout, and large, alert eyes situated atop their head.

    Meerkats are highly social animals that live in large family groups known as mobs or clans. These clans can consist of up to 50 individuals, but typically range from 10 to 30 members. They are renowned for their coordinated behaviors, with individuals taking turns standing as sentinels on their hind legs to scan the surroundings for potential predators while the others forage for food.

    Their omnivorous diet primarily consists of insects, small vertebrates, fruit, and plant matter. Meerkats have sharp, non-retractable claws that enable them to dig elaborate underground burrows where they live and seek shelter. These burrows are often interconnected networks, containing multiple entry and exit points, as well as different chambers designated for specific purposes like sleeping, grooming, and birthing.

    Due to their playful nature, distinctive appearance, and their frequent appearances in documentaries and popular culture, meerkats have gained considerable popularity and have become emblematic of African wildlife. Their charming and endearing behavior, combined with their remarkable adaptability to harsh desert environments, make them a captivating species that fascinates both researchers and laypeople alike.

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Etymology of MEERKAT

The word "meerkat" originates from the Afrikaans language, which is spoken in South Africa and Namibia. In Afrikaans, "meerkat" means "marsh cat" or "lake cat". However, despite its name, the meerkat is not actually a cat but a small carnivorous mammal belonging to the mongoose family (Herpestidae).

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Plural form of MEERKAT is MEERKATS


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