How Do You Spell MELE?

Correct spelling for the English word "Mele" is [mˈiːl], [mˈiːl], [m_ˈiː_l]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Usage Examples for MELE

  1. Lyue well and wysely, than let men chat theyr fyll Wordes ar but wynde, and though it oft so fall That of lewde wordes comyth great hurte and yll Yet byde the ende, that onely prouyth all If thou canst suffer truste well that thou shall Ouercome thyne ennemyes better by pacience Than by hye wordes rygour or vyolence If poetis that somtyme vyce blamyd and discommendyd And holy Prophetis whiche also dyd the same To suche vayne and mortall wordes had intendyd They sholde nat haue durst the peoples vyce to blame So sholde they haue lost their honour and good name Theyr fame and meryt, but nowe they haue nat so But spred theyr fame, whiche neuer away shall go Forsoth none lyueth within the worlde wyde Suche meke so holy, so wyse or pacyent Whiche can hym selfe at euery tyme so gyde To please eche fole, for none can some content Forsoth he myght be named excellent Happy and blessyd and lyue in welth and eas Whiche euery man cowde serue content and pleas But suche is none, and he that wyll assay For to content eche folysshe mannes mynde Must brake his slepe and stody nyght and day And yet alway some fole shall be behynde Ye if one lyue well, yet wyll they somwhat fynde Behynde his backe hym to sclaunder and diffame For beggers and bawdes therin haue all theyr game For whether thou dwell in Est west north or south Of suche dryuels euer shalt thou fynde plente One must haue moche mele, to stoppe eche mannys mouth Sclander is the cunnynge of all the comonte And in the same suche ay moste besy be Whiche lyue them selfe in shame and vylany Euen nowe they speke repentynge by and by Thus all the cunnynge and stody dilygent. - "The Ship of Fools, Volume 1" by Sebastian Brandt
  2. One morning early he was awakened by the murmur of voices in the dark, and on going to the door of the hut he was surprised to see Fetuao's brothers, Tua and Anapu, Mele her uncle, Lapongi the orator, and a dozen others, some of them boys not yet tattooed. - "Wild Justice: Stories of the South Seas" by Lloyd Osbourne

What does Mele stand for?

Abbreviation MELE means:

  1. MELEXIS ( D) ( Euronext Brussels [ BRU])
  2. Music & Entertainment Learning Experience