How Do You Spell MERD?

The spelling of the word "merd" may seem strange to English speakers, but it is actually a French word meaning "crap" or "shit". The phonetic transcription of "merd" in IPA symbols is /mɛʁd/, with the "e" pronounced like "eh" and the "r" pronounced with a French uvular trill. French orthography uses a silent final "d" in many cases, which explains why the word is spelled with a "d" but pronounced with a trilling "r" sound at the end.

Common Misspellings for MERD

  • metd
  • me5d
  • me5rd
  • mer5d
  • mer4d
  • mersd
  • merds
  • merxd
  • merdx
  • merdc
  • merdf
  • merdr
  • emrd
  • mmerd
  • Mgrd
  • Me2d
  • Mevd
  • m erd
  • me rd
  • mer d

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