How Do You Spell MIAOLI?

Pronunciation: [mˈa͡ɪəɹˌɒli] (IPA)

Miaoli is a small county in Taiwan. The spelling of the word Miaoli is pronounced as /mjau˩˧li˨˩/ in IPA phonetic transcription. It is made up of three sounds - /m/ for the consonant sound made by the lips, /jau/ for the diphthong sound produced by the mouth moving from one vowel sound to another, and finally, /li/ for the consonant and vowel sound together. The correct spelling of Miaoli in English is "Miaoli," with the letter "i" appearing twice.

MIAOLI Meaning and Definition

Miaoli is a geographical term primarily used to refer to the administrative region located in northern Taiwan. It is both the name of a county and a city within that county. Miaoli County, also known as Miaoli County Government, is one of Taiwan's 22 counties and is situated in the northwest part of the island. It covers a land area of approximately 1,820 square kilometers and has a population of around 550,000 people.

Miaoli City, on the other hand, serves as the county seat and is the political, economic, and cultural center of the region. It spans an area of approximately 29.6 square kilometers and has a population of roughly 95,000 people.

Miaoli, both the county and the city, is known for its beautiful natural landscapes, including scenic mountains, serene lakes, and lush countryside. Its economy primarily relies on agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing industries. The region is renowned for producing various agricultural products, such as rice, fruits, vegetables, and tea.

Moreover, Miaoli is known for its vibrant local culture and traditional festivals, which attract numerous visitors each year. The region is also notable for its historical sites, temples, and indigenous culture, which add to its cultural richness and diversity.

Overall, Miaoli is a place in Taiwan that combines natural beauty, agricultural excellence, cultural heritage, and urban development, making it a unique and attractive destination for both tourists and locals.

Common Misspellings for MIAOLI

Etymology of MIAOLI

The word "Miaoli" is a Mandarin pronunciation of the Chinese characters 苗栗 (Miáolì). The term originates from the amalgamation of two words:

1. 苗 (miáo): This character refers to the "Miao" ethnic group, who lived in the area known as modern-day Miaoli during ancient times. The character represents a branch or a young sprout, symbolizing the vibrant growth of the Miao people.

2. 栗 (lì): This character represents the Chinese chestnut tree, as well as the fruit produced by the tree. Miaoli was once known for its abundant chestnut trees, and the prevalence of this type of tree in the region led to the inclusion of this character in the name.

Therefore, combining these two characters, Miaoli conveys the idea of the thriving Miao ethnic group residing in an area abundant with chestnut trees.