How Do You Spell MINED?

Correct spelling for the English word "mined" is [mˈa͡ɪnd], [mˈa‍ɪnd], [m_ˈaɪ_n_d] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Similar spelling words for MINED

37 words made out of letters MINED

3 letters

  • end,
  • nim,
  • men,
  • den,
  • min,
  • med,
  • mid,
  • mdi,
  • dim,
  • die,
  • edm,
  • mei,
  • din.

4 letters

  • mien,
  • mend,
  • inme,
  • dime,
  • mine,
  • emin,
  • dine,
  • neid,
  • demi,
  • enim,
  • mind,
  • mein,
  • deim,
  • enid,
  • dein,
  • idem,
  • nied.

5 letters

  • emnid,
  • mined,
  • indem,
  • mendi,
  • denim,
  • nedim,
  • demin.

Conjugate verb Mined


I would mine
we would mine
you would mine
he/she/it would mine
they would mine


I will mine
we will mine
you will mine
he/she/it will mine
they will mine


I will have mined
we will have mined
you will have mined
he/she/it will have mined
they will have mined


I mined
we mined
you mined
he/she/it mined
they mined


I had mined
we had mined
you had mined
he/she/it had mined
they had mined


I mine
we mine
you mine
he/she/it mines
they mine


I have mined
we have mined
you have mined
he/she/it has mined
they have mined
I am mining
we are mining
you are mining
he/she/it is mining
they are mining
I was mining
we were mining
you were mining
he/she/it was mining
they were mining
I will be mining
we will be mining
you will be mining
he/she/it will be mining
they will be mining
I have been mining
we have been mining
you have been mining
he/she/it has been mining
they have been mining
I had been mining
we had been mining
you had been mining
he/she/it had been mining
they had been mining
I will have been mining
we will have been mining
you will have been mining
he/she/it will have been mining
they will have been mining
I would have mined
we would have mined
you would have mined
he/she/it would have mined
they would have mined
I would be mining
we would be mining
you would be mining
he/she/it would be mining
they would be mining
I would have been mining
we would have been mining
you would have been mining
he/she/it would have been mining
they would have been mining


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