How Do You Spell MINGJIANG?

The word "MINGJIANG" is spelled with six letters in the Latin alphabet but is represented by seven sounds in International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). The first four sounds "mɪŋd͡ʒj" represent the syllable "MING" pronounced with a nasal "n" and a soft "j" sound. The last three sounds "æŋ" represent the syllable "JIANG" pronounced with an open "a" sound followed by a nasal "n" and a hard "g". Together, the IPA transcription of "MINGJIANG" helps to accurately represent the pronunciation of this word.

Common Misspellings for MINGJIANG

  • ningjiang
  • kingjiang
  • jingjiang
  • mungjiang
  • mjngjiang
  • mkngjiang
  • mongjiang
  • m9ngjiang
  • m8ngjiang
  • mibgjiang
  • mimgjiang
  • mijgjiang
  • mihgjiang
  • minfjiang
  • minvjiang
  • minbjiang
  • minhjiang
  • minyjiang
  • mintjiang
  • minghiang

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