How Do You Spell MIRRORS?

Correct spelling for the English word "mirrors" is [m_ˈɪ_ɹ_ə_z], [mˈɪɹəz], [mˈɪɹəz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for MIRRORS

Below is the list of 223 misspellings for the word "mirrors".

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Anagrams of MIRRORS

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Usage Examples for MIRRORS

  1. I wish to send my thoughts to her As quick as thoughts can fly, But as the winds the waters stir The mirrors change and fly. - "Poems Chiefly From Manuscript" by John Clare
  2. These handsome insects are often placed on mirrors as an ornament in farmhouses. - "Wild Life in a Southern County" by Richard Jefferies

Conjugate verb Mirrors


I would mirror
we would mirror
you would mirror
he/she/it would mirror
they would mirror


I will mirror
we will mirror
you will mirror
he/she/it will mirror
they will mirror


I will have mirrored
we will have mirrored
you will have mirrored
he/she/it will have mirrored
they will have mirrored


I mirrored
we mirrored
you mirrored
he/she/it mirrored
they mirrored


I had mirrored
we had mirrored
you had mirrored
he/she/it had mirrored
they had mirrored


I mirror
we mirror
you mirror
he/she/it mirrors
they mirror


I have mirrored
we have mirrored
you have mirrored
he/she/it has mirrored
they have mirrored
I am mirroring
we are mirroring
you are mirroring
he/she/it is mirroring
they are mirroring
I was mirroring
we were mirroring
you were mirroring
he/she/it was mirroring
they were mirroring
I will be mirroring
we will be mirroring
you will be mirroring
he/she/it will be mirroring
they will be mirroring
I have been mirroring
we have been mirroring
you have been mirroring
he/she/it has been mirroring
they have been mirroring
I had been mirroring
we had been mirroring
you had been mirroring
he/she/it had been mirroring
they had been mirroring
I will have been mirroring
we will have been mirroring
you will have been mirroring
he/she/it will have been mirroring
they will have been mirroring
I would have mirrored
we would have mirrored
you would have mirrored
he/she/it would have mirrored
they would have mirrored
I would be mirroring
we would be mirroring
you would be mirroring
he/she/it would be mirroring
they would be mirroring
I would have been mirroring
we would have been mirroring
you would have been mirroring
he/she/it would have been mirroring
they would have been mirroring