What is the correct spelling for 11THAT?

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Correct spellings for 11THAT

  • accepts apology
  • accepts gladly
  • chat But on the other hand, it would be a pleasure to chat with you now and then.
  • ghat "By a little and a little," he said, "we shall take possession of Ghat.
  • hat The door opened and in came a man from the country: such a hat on his head!
  • PHAT But phat that same is, I dunno!
  • ta 8 Aponitolau and his wife decide to celebrate Sayang, but he goes first to take the head of old man Ta-odan.
  • tat In fact, like an answer to his words, came through the woods the sound of a single rifle-shot, followed closely by the increasing rat-tat-tat of the mingled guns.
  • teat The manner, however, by which he is finally educated into the mystery of suction, is by putting his allowance of milk into a large wooden bowl; the nurse then puts her hand into the milk, and, by bending her fingers upwards, makes a rude teat for the calf to grasp in his lips, when the vacuum caused by his suction of the fingers, causes the milk to rise along them into his mouth.
  • th And you succeeded, Marika, though you little th-" He stopped abruptly, swayed a moment to and fro, then fell heavily forward with his head on the bosom of his friend.
  • Thad Stop and think, Thad.
  • thai "Thai wife is leading a double chin," says Jake.
  • Than More than you'll ever know."
  • Thar Give them things ter the boy, thar."
  • That Yes, sirree; she did that.
  • thaw Well, thought I, even if there be no more coal in the ship than what lies in the cook-house, enough fuel is here in the shape of casks, boxes, and the like to thaw me provisions for six months, besides what I may come across in the hold, along with the hammocks, bedding, boxes, and so forth in the forecastle, all which would be good to feed my fire with.
  • thea Martin: Had Thea been one of those who are not interested in the study of men.
  • theater Complete accomplishment of the motivating task within his own theater may come too late to meet the requirements of the common effort of the entire force.
  • theta 34 Next Theta stands to the supreme- Who formed in number, sign, and scheme, The illustrious lights that are; And one addressed his saffron robe, And one, clad in a silver globe, Held rule with every star.
  • threat It was a moment full of threat and intense crisis.
  • throat Peter knew that it was all over and that there was no hope; there was a dreadful cold, hard pain in his throat, and he could scarcely see.
  • thud Then there was a dull thud and afterward a curiously impressive silence.
  • thwart Whatever its length, attach it to the thwart nearest you by a light strong line.
  • What "You don't know what you say-" "I do, I do.