What is the correct spelling for 15IN?

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Correct spellings for 15IN

  • an Perhaps altogether you had better not see it, because I know you think me to be deteriorating, an d I don't want you to have further hypothetical evidence of so false an opinion. denn schon grinst des Teufels Fratze mich an, erinnert mich an den geschworenen Bann. – Der Spielmann by Schandmaul
  • bin "Thar goes a woman in a thousand," observed old Adam, edging nearer the bin . I threw the wrapper in the bin But it didn't go in – But it Isn't by los amigos
  • din Never, sure, was poor, little woman so confused and bewildered as Anna, and it is not strange that she stood directly upon the track, unmindful of the increasing din and roar as the train from Niagara Falls came thundering into the depot. the highland 'pipes are making a din it's better to sleep in a hail skin – Johnny Cope/Fermoy Lasses/Jerusalem Rap by Seven Nations
  • en She sang Iphigenie en Aulide.
  • fin As they stood by one they saw the fin of a trout in the obscurity.
  • gin The throne used by Richard is still in existence, and has an aperture in it containing some very old gin .
  • i'd I'd give them all to be with you.
  • ia "'Tis Signora Maria and her mother," said one of the boys.
  • ii Orthez, battle of, ii .
  • in Any one in here?
  • ink We now found ourselves floating on a lake, the water black as ink , but perfectly smooth.
  • inn I told him to send to the inn for the rest.
  • io "Such an appeal is not for every man, Mr. Mario.
  • ion "He cannot, Miss Marion.
  • ir The preposition a, introducing an infinitive expressing purpose, is regularly used after verbs of motion like ir , venir, etc.
  • kin "Yer wait on me here, an' yer kin wait on me home.
  • lin Alfred, Lin and the mother were seated at the breakfast table, discussing Alfred's show.
  • min Don't be such a fool, Aunt Min !
  • ni U-n-i-ni United States of America 5 cents.
  • on The world rolled on .
  • pin Did you know the person who would take the pin ?"
  • sin The dust is his first sin and the vice that is in him.
  • tin Do not let coffee and tea stand in tin .
  • un But I can teach 'em this little un , Master Marner, when she gets old enough."
  • win We shall win ze war now.
  • I'm I'm ashamed of you, Teddy Tucker."
  • Inc And it was given to you by Mr. McKenzie after he got it from Time-Life, Inc . ?
  • Ind See Temperance Dumont, Mrs. Julia L., 9 Dupont, Ind .
  • Ing Then followed such a fumbling and a "dear me-ing" until the worthless nephew was perforce called to the rescue, to fish and probe with a paper-knife till the lost treasure was recovered.
  • N 31. Gallipoli, 237 n.
  • Yin white with a red (top) and blue yin-yang symbol in the center; there is a different black trigram from the ancient I Ching (Book of Changes) in each corner of the white field; the Korean national flag is called Taegukki; white is a traditional Korean color and represents peace and purity; the blue section represents the negative cosmic forces of the yin, while the red symbolizes the opposite positive forces of the yang; each trigram (kwae) denotes one of the four universal elements, which together express the principle of movement and harmony
  • INS The curious ins and outs of Coleridge's strange though hardly eventful life have, after being long most imperfectly known, been set forth in fullest measure by Mr. Dykes Campbell.
  • Ian It is a true Rossin-ian crescendo.
  • Ina An-ina laughed that almost silent laugh so peculiar to her.
  • INT class Builder; private: // variables in need of initialization to make valid object const int i; const float f; const char c; // Only one simple constructor - rest is handled by Builder Product( const int i, const float f, const char c ) : i(i), f
  • INF 63d Inf . MAY, JOHN L., North Portland.
  • ie In mathematics, a vector bundle is said to be flat if it is endowed with an linear connection with vanishing curvature, ie .

2 words made from the letters 15IN

  • 3 letter words made from 15IN:

    1in, n15.