What is the correct spelling for 15MIN?

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Correct spellings for 15MIN

  • bin "Better put back and get it," growled Giles; "if you fellows had helped me a bit instead of givin' advice it wouldn't have bin forgotten." Eezer is the geezer who loves to muscle in That's about the time the crowd all shout the name of Eezer As he's kotcheled in the corner, laughing by the bass bin – Ebeneezer Goode by shamen
  • din A remaining rampart fell, crushing the fire, and through the diminished din of it the voice of the little old lunatic came clearer.
  • fin The giant was a long time striving to know could he draw out the axe; and while at this Fin ran behind and cut steps with his sword into the leg of his enemy; and by the time the giant had the axe out of the ground, Fin was ready for him again and in front of him, striking and vexing him with his sword.
  • gin Now, there wuz a young chap over in Loontown who had tried doctorin' for a year or two and didn't make much by it, and he thought he see a sign up in the heavens, G. P., and he gin out that he had had a call "go preach," and went to preachin', and he didn't make so well by that as he did by his doctorin', and then he gin out that he had made a mistake in readin' the letters; instead of goin' to preach they meant "give pills," so he went back to his doctorin' agin, and is doin' first rate.
  • in Nec nominentur in nobis.
  • kin There is folks, you know, that air soft-headed enough to think they kin git rid o' trouble by losin' their time.
  • lin This declaration captured Lin .
  • main I am main sorry, old hoss, that I've got you into this scrape, but I expect we shall get out again somehow.
  • maine In northern Maine , New Hampshire, and Vermont, it does not ripen well.
  • man Moreover, notwithstanding the fact that she stood plainly revealed, he made no sign of recognition, but merely counted on and on, with the voice of a dying man .
  • mane The gray streak of the kudu's mane had disappeared in the blending twilight, but I could still see the tips of the twigs and the tuft of grass.
  • mann "Then I'll tell you," said Saul Arthur Mann , and, stepping up to his desk, took a memorandum from a drawer.
  • many But the slavery has been much heavier, the wars far more bloody, and both more universal by many degrees.
  • mean You mean to infer that the boys contrived the escape of the woman in the next cell?
  • men Officers gathered their men and attempted to lead them forward, but they had not progressed far when the Boers in the spruit in front of them swept the ground with the bullets of their rifles.
  • menu It won't do to keep up this whole meat menu .
  • mi "Mi porta il mi o cavallo" she would say to the footman, who answered the bell.
  • mid There is also a Mid .
  • mien When the man, with all the ravity of an adult moralist, describes these misdeeds of the boy, they assume a certain ugliness of mien , and excites a strong disgust which, when the misdeeds themselves are before us in actual life, we experience in a far more considerate form.
  • mil
  • min
  • mind
  • mine
  • miner
  • ming
  • mingy
  • mini
  • mink
  • minor
  • mint
  • mit I don't keep moofers mit te tafern.
  • mn
  • moan
  • mon
  • mona
  • mono
  • moon
  • morn
  • myna
  • pin
  • sin
  • tin
  • Mir
  • Mun Yes, yes, Sir, so she said mun; for she must marry me to night.
  • Mia Jen mia konfeso kaj senkulpigo!
  • Mani Ciao Bella (film), 2007 film directed by Mani Maserrat Agah Ciao Bella!
  • MIC Spores globose, brown, minutely warted, 7-9 mic. in diameter.
  • MIG
  • MINN

10 words made from the letters 15MIN

  • 5 letter words made from 15MIN:

    15min, 51min.
  • 3 letter words made from 15MIN:

    1in, m15, m51, mi5, min, n15, nim.
  • 4 letter words made from 15MIN: