What is the correct spelling for 16HRS?

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Correct spellings for 16HRS

  • harass Let him turn the Palace upside down hunting for bombs; harass ladies-in-waiting whose lovers he suspected of being hired assassins; hound musicians into whose instruments he imagined firearms had been built; the emperor's private kitchen would have to be off limits.
  • hare Mad as a March hare !
  • harris Betty Harris looked at him and smiled.
  • hays Regimental headquarters and four companies occupied the cosey quarters of Fort Hays , nearly midway between Leavenworth and Denver, Missouri and the mountains, and Company "K," of which I then was first lieutenant, had pitched its tents along the banks of a winding fork of the Smoky Hill River, wondering why we had been "routed out" from our snug barracks and stables at Fort Riley, and ordered to proceed, "equipped for field service," to Hays City, by rail.
  • hera [16] The ancient Greeks attributed much of the subsequent character of an individual to early influences; hence Hera , the future queen and mistress of heaven, is represented as being brought up in a domesticated and orderly household, where home virtues are carefully inculcated.
  • heresy It is because that I destroyed him not, that heresy has now become strong, which I am convinced might have been stifled with him in its birth.
  • herr He was a tavern-keeper, in whose inn he had once met Herr Matanesse Van Wibisma.
  • hess The first supervisors were: W. D. Akers, chairman; Jonas Nebb; Levi Hess , clerk.
  • hiss
  • horse
  • horus
  • hours
  • hr
  • hus
  • res
  • Has Your brother has told you-?
  • Heroes We are all heroes in our memories.
  • Hers Lapierre's eyes searched hers.
  • Hires
  • His
  • Houris
  • HHS
  • Chris But you wouldn't hurry, Chris ; and as it is, we've lost the train-that was ours that's just gone.
  • Hairs John Bairdieson went on, standing with his hat in his hand, and the hairs of his head erect with the excitement of unflinching justice.
  • hurts
  • horns
  • harms Pastor Harms would not have lied to save his right hand.
  • herbs Soon the maiden showed signs of returning consciousness, and the leech gave her a drink which he prepared from the herbs .
  • hares I hear, he said with a great heave of his broad chest, now so sunken, that the Boches have taken all the livestock away from the owners, all the hens and pigs and hares , and sent them to Germany.
  • harps We will take our harps and sing praise to thee, for the glorious gift of love to the world for your memory.
  • hoes
  • hears Helen, I hate to have you speak to him again, but, unless he hears your voice, he won't come upstairs.
  • hurls
  • herds Apollo's herds stolen by Mercury.
  • hues
  • heirs Female heirs remained in the custody of their lords until they married.
  • HTS
  • RS
  • HMS
  • HRH
  • HS
  • HRS
  • HaaS Tyson negotiated an agreement with the Columbia Business School to create a joint program, the Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA, which offered experienced executives the opportunity to earn an MBA from both Haas and Columbia.
  • RSI
  • HOS
  • HES "Very well, O Hes ," they answered; and we passed through that cave and sundry doors and passages to a little chamber cut in the rock.
  • YRS
  • HARTS Some did sing amorous sonnets, and verses of loue, breathing out in the same from their inflamed breasts, scalding sighs ful of sweete accents, able to enamorate harts of stone: And to make smooth the ruggednesse of the vnpassageable mountaine Caucasus, to staie whatsoeuer furie the harpe of Orpheus woulde prouoke, and the fowle and euill fauoured face of Medusa, to make any horrible monster tame and tractable, and to stop the continuall prouocation of the deuouring Scylla.
  • HEWS The modern beefsteak banquet hews fairly closely to the early-1900s model, although the expansive selections found at an old-fashioned "West Side" beefsteak have been tapered down to beef, fried potatoes, and tossed salad.
  • HIES
  • hoers
  • harks So that, the contention of certain modernists notwithstanding, the world will go on thinking of the Jew as a member of a race, a race whose persistence has defeated the utmost efforts made for its extermination, a race that has preserved itself in virility and power by the observance of those natural laws the violation of which has mongrelized so many nations, a race which has come up out of the past with the two great moral values which may be reckoned on monotheism and monogamy, a race which today is before us as the visible sign of an antiquity to which all our spiritual wealth harks back.
  • unnoteworthy
  • unfixedly
  • uncomplicate

7 words made from the letters 16HRS

  • 3 letter words made from 16HRS:

    16h, 6hr, h16, hs1, rh1, s16, sr1.