What is the correct spelling for 1EA?

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Correct spellings for 1EA

  • aa "Aave heerd waur, sir," quoth he; "but aa never sleep the nicht without ma blessing, and aa 'l no begin noo!"
  • ba Oh, my friendly ba !
  • ca That's no the gait to bake the breid, Nor yet to brew the yill; That's no the gait to haud the pleuch, Nor yet to ca the mill.
  • da The letter was written by Madame da Loglio, who was very intimate with Melissino.
  • ea Veruntamen post haec illum regnare permiserunt, ea ratione, ut amplius in Scotiam nec Anglos nec Normannos introduceret, sibique militare permitteret.
  • ear I am afraid all I say goes in at one ear and out at the other," which was not impossible, perhaps not unfortunate otherwise, since Miss Gascoigne talked pretty nearly all day long, Miss Grey's whole life might have been spent in listening.
  • eat You wouldn't eat so much and you wouldn't be so much in the way, and you would be much better-looking.
  • ec In enzymology, a 1,6-dihydroxycyclohexa-2,4-diene-1-carboxylate dehydrogenase (EC 1.
  • ed "I think this is mine," said Ed .
  • em Hang 'em on the tree.
  • epa The Electricity Security and Affordability Act also reaffirms Congresss legislative duties by enacting numerous safeguards against EPA partisan overreach.
  • er And Jaimihr is-er-in love with you!
  • era Effective speech must reflect the era .
  • es I now proceeded forthwith to the Governor, the Rais Mustapha, being led by the people en masse, who, on seeing me, said, "Es-slamah!
  • eta in the previous notation of S 24; so also for the other two components [xi] and [eta].
  • eu European Union Court of Justice of the Eu ropean Communities (ensures that the treaties are interpreted and applied uniformly throughout the EU; resolve constitutional issues among the EU institutions) - 27 justices (one from each member state) appointed for a six-year term; note - for the sake of efficiency, the court can sit with 13 justices known as the "Grand Chamber"; Court of First Instance - 27 justices appointed for a six-year term
  • ga Since that time, because of circumstances and inclinations, it has been my lot to look after the welfare of my mother, who is still living in Marietta, Ga ., a place of about four thousand inhabitants.
  • ha Over a gate; ha , ha !
  • ia Harry E. Wilson, first lieutenant, Des Moines, Ia . John E. Wilson, first lieutenant, Leavenworth, Kans.
  • la "Oh, yes," replied La Briere.
  • lea "At 2 P.M. I was awakened by the dreadful sound which has haunted me ever since the night of March 12 in the Via Gregoriana-of Lea rushing along the passage and flinging open the door-'Come directly'-no time for more words-and of running through the dark gallery and finding the terrible change-another paralytic seizure-calling up John and sending him off to Battle for the doctor, and kneeling by the bedside, consoling her if possibly conscious, and watching for the faint dawn of visible life, that the first words might be tender ones, the first look one of love, ...
  • ma And she said that "Her ma always called her father pa."
  • na Na, na ; ye needna come back.
  • pea It was one of those mornings which have been thoroughly washed, and the swirling pea -soup river bore witness to the operation as surely as the air of purity which the whole country wore.
  • ra "Foot and horse of King Ra messes," we are told, "gave way before him," the "brigade of Ra " was utterly routed, and either cut to pieces or driven from the field.
  • sea Fred's father was a sea -captain.
  • tea It must be tea -time.
  • wa Of course they were beggars, princes and paupers, lairds and loons, being all equally unfortunate; the Arabs have named the country Bilad Wa Issi,-the "Land of Give me Something;"-but their wa nts were easily satisfied, and the open hand always made a friend.
  • yea His heart cried Yea !
  • Eh Eh, bien, Paris is not New York, no."
  • DEA Estate of Dea . Leavit Lincoln, by Trustees 35.93 ---- $857.10
  • Eva When Eva , smiling, pointed to her own forehead, he exclaimed: "My respects, child.
  • ET I reckon the old man must of over-et."
  • easy-going Old and young Uleeta were looking on with great delight, so was Cowlik the easy-going , and Rinka the sympathetic; and it was noticeable that, every now and then, the latter distracted her mind from the play in order to see that the bearskin did not slip off the shoulders of Ondikik, and to replace it if it did. Not that Rinka had any special regard for Ondikik, but it afforded her intense pleasure merely to relieve suffering in any way-so strong was the weakness for which she got credit!