What is the correct spelling for 1HE?

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Correct spellings for 1HE

  • be Why should there be ?
  • ce Non, ce n'est pas possible!
  • de She wants me to write to Julie de Rouville at the Post Restante at Marseilles, eh?
  • fe To Santa Fe , in New Mexico; thence to the United States, along with one of the return caravans.
  • ge Innini-ge 26. The fisherman, the son fisherman of Innini.
  • ha If he wishes to do what is good, he does it, if to do evil, he does evil, and as he makes his bed, ha ?
  • he He did not look at Harry King again.
  • hem "I'd die if I had to hem ten dozen of anything," she explained apologetically to Ilse.
  • hen Ah, the poor old hen !
  • hep "Mich the same as us'al, thank ye," replied Miss Hep .
  • hew I know no other word: There is a battle that must be fought, And fought but with the sword- "The clear, sharp, stainless, glittering sword Of purity divine: I'll hew my way through a host of fiends, If that strong sword be mine."
  • hex And he had bought hex with his last cent.
  • hf WENTE, s. turn, T. ii. 63, 815, v. 605, 1194; path, passage, T. iii. 787; footpath, 18. 69; dat. 3. 398; HF. 182. A. S. wend, a turn, change.
  • hg In the region of the posterior appendages, pa, the section passes through the hindgut, hg , and allantois, al. The former is of about the same size as the more anterior sections of the intestine, but its epithelium is less clear and is composed of two or more layers of cells.
  • hi "Hi, we will go to the village of our brothers the Cheyennes, and help them fight the Kiowas," Little Raven cried, enthusiastically. But what if I was something special to her cuz I said "Hi" What if she would always dream about if I was her guy – Vera Lee by insane clown posse
  • hie Ah ist possible, Thou onely, you powers on hie , That women should dissemble when they die.
  • hm Hm, I hate tulips-and he must have them on everything.
  • hq Planes through O perpendicular to the generating lines cut off a constant length HQ = [delta], HQ' = [delta]', so the line of curvature described by H in the deformation of the hyperboloid, the intersection of the fixed confocal ellipsoid [lambda] and hyperboloid of two sheets [nu], rolls on a horizontal plane through C and at the same time on a plane through C' perpendicular to OC'.
  • hr Miles per hr . Feet per sec. Metres per sec. 10 = 14.7 = 4.470 15 = 22 = 6.705 20 = 29.4 = 8.940 25 = 36.7 = 11.176 30 = 44 = 13.411 35 = 51.3 = 15.646
  • hue How well I know what I mean to do When the long dark autumn-evenings come: And where, my soul, is thy pleasant hue? With the music of all thy voices, dumb – By The Fire-Side by Robert Browning
  • hz
  • le
  • me It was not to me !"
  • Eh Always did that, eh?
  • H We followed suit, and I went with H . towards the servants' hall.
  • Her "How do I get her?
  • Hey What was her good p'ints, hey?
  • She She will speak to no one.
  • The "I don't like the story.
  • Che One knows that from the summit of the ridge there is an outlook over both the gulfs; and from my post, here on the hillside known as Capo di Monte, I can see the red monastery called the Deserto, because it was indeed erected in a solitary waste, where the soul of man might hope to tread down underfoot him who, in the language of the place, is rarely spoken of by name, but indicated more gently as "Chillo che sta sotto San Michele"-"He who lies beneath St. Michael."
  • HS Andy noted that it was the HS sorrel which did the mischief, and glanced meaningly across at Billy Roberts.
  • HT
  • HES I knows thet I cuts a sorry sort of figger alongside him, an' I hes ter fight myself day-long an' night-long ter keep from hatin' him fer hit.
  • HEB To this, the quotation in Heb .
  • ie
  • unnotable
  • unnoteworthy
  • easy-going Once, and only once, I thought he must be the person who had so frightened me years before in the park, but I dismissed the idea as preposterous, as that person was a great deal older than Owen, who, besides, seemed too careless, easy-going a fellow to do anything of that sort.