What is the correct spelling for 2011OUR?

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Correct spellings for 2011OUR

  • air Air is that combination of qualities which makes the entire impression we receive in a person's presence; as, we say he has the air of a scholar, or the air of a villain. Appearance refers more to the dress and other externals. We might say of a travel-soiled pedestrian, he has the appearance of a tramp, but the air of a gentleman. Expression and look especially refer to the face. Expression is oftenest applied to that which is habitual; as, he has a pleasant expression of countenance; look may be momentary; as, a look of dismay passed over his face. We may, however, speak of the look or looks as indicating all that we look at; as, he had the look of an adventurer; I did not like his looks. Bearing is rather a lofty word; as, he has a noble bearing; port is practically identical in meaning with bearing, but is more exclusively a literary word. Carriage, too, is generally used in a good sense; as, that lady has a good carriage. Mien is closely synonymous with air , but less often used in a bad sense. We say a rakish air rather than a rakish mien. Mien may be used to express some prevailing feeling; as, "an indignant mien." Demeanor goes beyond appearance, including conduct, behavior; as, a modest demeanor. Manner and style are, in large part at least, acquired. Compare BEHAVIOR.
  • ar My dee-ar Mr Ping-you'll pardon me?
  • au At Belgaum our friends of last night get off with their camp equipment, and I make a dive into a brand new suit in haste to bid them good-bye and au revoir, and as I make finishing touches, we steam away and the farewell is unsaid!
  • bur The sand fell off of it, however, freely, at every part except the ends; and Jonas, observing that it seemed to adhere there, held the sand-box a little longer over those places; and thus there was formed a sort of a black bur at the extremities, consisting of an accumulation of the black particles of sand.
  • cur You are a coward and a cur !
  • dour Moreover, I saved ye from dour lyin' yersel'.
  • e'er "Not I," said she, "unless you bestow an angel on us for good luck, and swear e'er we depart to get us good addresses."
  • ear Anna whispered something into his ear , for she knew that we were wide-awake.
  • er But he's brung twelve er fourteen to the ranch, two er three at a time.
  • eu Sad loss of life in Paris-the King and Queen fled to Eu -Guizot, it is said, to Brussels.
  • four Let them rest twenty-four hours, and then drain them.
  • fur No, dear, it's fur me.
  • hour Another hour would have been too late."
  • iou When the libation was finished he announced the death of Aegeus, and then they all hurried up to the city with loud lamentations: wherefore to this day, at the Oschophoria, they say that it is not the herald that is crowned, but his staff, and that at the libations the bystanders cry out, "Eleleu, Iou , Iou ;" of which cries the first is used by men in haste, or raising the paean for battle, while the second is used by persons in surprise and trouble.
  • ir Ir-re-press'i-ble, not to be restrained.
  • lour 19 ever cam into lour , read ever came intol our.
  • o'er Softly the waves of peace shall flow O'er whelming every grief at last; And to our senses the bright glow Of endless love o'er all is cast.
  • oar The effect of refraction is seen when an oar is thrust into the water and looks as if it were bent.
  • oh With a cry of, "Oh, there she is!"
  • or Come, of course you must know whether they were love letters or not!
  • orr To work up the sale of a threepenny publication was at that time a formidable task; but Orr certainly accomplished it, and for a time Punch undoubtedly owed more to his efforts than to Jerrold's pen or Leech's pencil.
  • out That's what I can't make out .
  • pour I hope the weather doesn't change its mind and pour before we get home.
  • sour And it smelt sour and sickly.
  • tour Whatever place we passed, at whatever hour during the entire tour , people were always having something.
  • ur There was a man named Abram, who lived in the city of Ur of the Chaldees.
  • Our Then will come our time.
  • Ours The fault was never ours.
  • Oe Many Javanese names use the "oe" group of vowels.
  • U "Val belongs to the W.C.T.U.," shrugged Fleetwood.
  • Your Where is your mother?
  • EUR Eur beeder ich gnug han.
  • OI Oh, oi know, without telling.
  • UAR 559. Whately, Richard, 312. Whedon, Daniel D., 605. When Januar Winds, 217. When We Two Parted, 255. Whipple, E. P., 385. Whistle, The, 362. Whitaker: Alexander, 333. White, Richard Grant, 575. White, William, 597. Whitefield, George, 214, 595. Whitewashing, Letter on, 388. Whitman, Walt, 479, 546-551, 555. Whittier, John Greenleaf, 334, 343, 344, 352, 353, 435, 482, 489, 495, 518-524, 533, 543, 544, 550, 555, 558, 574. Whittingham, William, 300. Why Come Ye Not to Courte?
  • OOH Then came the thrilling war-cry, Ooh -h-h-h!
  • OW "Ow, ow," ejaculated Ethel Blue ungratefully.
  • UH "I-uh-shall we see if we can't just work out a little contract right now?

34 words made from the letters 2011OUR

  • 3 letter words made from 2011OUR:

    011, 012, 021, 0ur, 101, 102, 10o, 110, 120, 201, 210, r10, r11, r12, r20, r2u, u11, u12, u20, u2o, uro.
  • 4 letter words made from 2011OUR:

    0112, 0121, 0211, 1012, 1021, 1102, 1120, 1201, 1210, 2011, 2101, 2110, r101.