What is the correct spelling for 20MINS?

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Correct spellings for 20MINS

  • fins This family of merry folks liked to have a nice, quiet time by themselves, without any rude folks on legs, or with wings or fins from the outside.
  • manse Lockhart describes how the travellers passed "from the shepherd's hut to the minister's manse , and again from the cheerful hospitality of the manse to the rough and jolly welcome of the homestead, gathering wherever they went songs and tunes and occasionally more tangible relics of antiquity."
  • means "Come by all means ," invited Marjorie.
  • mensa Mensa is a Latin word, meaning a table.
  • min Min and I had to act surprised too.
  • mince Thus to mince the matter, we thought to savor more of curiosity than wisdom....
  • mind And then she told me how, after all, she had made up her mind .
  • mine If you are a friend of Peter, then you are a friend of mine .
  • ming "Know now that the repulsive-featured despot who has just left us is Ming -shu, he who takes down the Mandarin Shan Tien's spoken word.
  • mini To see Mini quiet is unnatural, and I cannot bear it long.
  • mink Mr. Coon and Mr. Mink and Mr. Otter sat up half the night brushing their suits and making them look as fine and handsome as they could.
  • minors She was not playing from notes, either, but seemed to be amusing herself by making odd combinations with the stops; and so well did she understand the secret of the minors that her playing reminded him of a great orchestra he had once heard, and which had greatly impressed him.
  • minos The Greeks made Minos , who continued to live in the under-world, a judge in the causes of the shades, and finally a judge of the souls themselves.
  • minsk Cardinal Antonelli obtained an order for my sister and me to visit the Madre Makrina, the sole survivor of the Polish nuns who were martyred for their faith in the terrible persecution at Minsk .
  • minus But he was running a losing race, for when Horace picked up Otto they ran in earnest and all the farmer had for his trouble was a discarded fishing pole minus line or hook and a vivid memory of a crimson sweater.
  • minx You just tell the young minx you won't have anything to do with her, and, if she poaches on other people's preserves there won't be much sport for her by this day week."
  • mips
  • miss Is Miss Genevieve there?
  • mons In an oration made to the general assembly of the French clergy in Paris by Mons .
  • Mains But full woe was La Beale Isoud when she heard tell that Sir Tristram was wedded to Isoud la Blanche Mains .
  • Manes A funeral costs ten rupees, as several pigs must be sacrificed to the manes.
  • INS The woodman-from an acquaintance with the old "caretaker," who had held charge of the house previous to Holtspur's occupation-had a thorough knowledge of the dwelling of Stone Dean-its ins and its outs-its trap-doors and sliding panels-every stair and corner, from cellar to garret.
  • Menes There is a well-grounded tradition founded on inscriptions that Athothis, the son of Menes , one of the early kings, wrote a work on anatomy.
  • Moons I sent thee word many moons ago, Wansutis, that he was dead."
  • menus 2. Every-Day Luncheons Luncheons Wise and Luncheons Foolish-Quick Soups-Dainty Dishes of Fish-Meats Suitable for Luncheon-One Hundred Sandwich Fillings-Simple Salads-Beverages-Easy Desserts-and 365 Every-Day Luncheon Menus -Complete Index-325 Pages.
  • bins His bins became known throughout the county; very influential people indeed spoke of them with affection.
  • moans From the distance, softly shuddered the decreasing moans of the dying man; then there was silence.
  • minds Who minds these fellows?
  • mynas Each nest was complete in itself and well lined, and as Mynas are not sparing of their materials, the accumulated heap was nearly two feet deep.
  • minks Hawks do not trouble ducks, but rats, weasels and minks developed such a fondness for them as to completely atone for any neglect on their part.
  • mils Secondly, he assumes that the penny, such as it now is, will remain, as a coin of estimation, after it has ceased to be a coin of exchange; and that the mass of the people will continue to think of prices in old pence, and to calculate them in new ones, or else in new mils .
  • mints The director of the Mint has general supervision over all mints and assay offices.
  • morns Adieu, and believe me very affectionately yours, 1 Morns .
  • MICS
  • DINS Upon the trampled grasses beat Impatient steeds with restless feet; The dins of harsh, discordant cries Above the thrilling thousands rise; Shrilly the scattered children call, And soft the words of women fall, While men with voices hushed and weak Their low commands expectant speak; Till suddenly a mighty cry, A shout of warning, smites the sky: Attention!
  • MINN Minn is a pretty name.
  • MANS String-vests with the bra underneath for the mans Getting hard off of half of a glimpse, I got plans – Da Feelin' by dizzee rascal
  • GINS It also seemed, from the direction in which Piper pointed, that the old gins referred to Duck Creek, as containing water; and as the course of that creek, so far as shown on maps, led even more directly to the Darling than did the Bogan, I was willing in such a season of extreme drought, to avail myself of its waters.
  • MINES 5, 6; tin-mines in, i.
  • miens
  • Minis
  • actified
  • actifies
  • actify

16 words made from the letters 20MINS

  • 5 letter words made from 20MINS:

    20min, 2mins.
  • 3 letter words made from 20MINS:

    2in, ism, min, mis, mn2, n20, nim, s20, sin, sn2.
  • 4 letter words made from 20MINS:

    2min, smi2, smin, smn2.